Rider change at GM ! What do you expect to happen?

New GM how will this effect the rest of the season?

I dont think there will be many changes in the short term, that being the rest of the season. I think the big changes will come after the season is done, no matter where the Riders finish or what kind of playoff run they will have should they make it that far. Players will be playing for jobs, so I do expect a better performance from some veteran guys. I would think that some will be gone no matter what happens. They need to trim at least one million off their salary, so I would expect a lot of players will taking pay cuts. I say they will go 6-3 in the last half of the season.

Exactly there will be a few that will want to move on for sure but some will not want to change teams and they will need to step it up.

I agree completely.. it's hard for a new GM to have an impact at mid-season unless he were to change the coaching.. and apparently that's not going to happen. Whatever change he can make, he'll make it next season.

Short term probably a nose dive, but not too far, I see the lines being drawn, the malcontents will be dealt with quickly and the mediocrity will go on, ya the beat goes on, and the beat goes on.