Rider Calendar


Here's how it breaks down:

Dec. - April (Winter - Spring)
Nothing is heard from them. The sound of silence - we are all thankful, and enjoy the gradual warming of the weather.

May - July
Just like the groundhog, this is when they poke their heads out from their straw huts and make themselves known once again. You know it is May when you hear things like:
Austin is 100x the coach Barrett ever was! He will design an unstoppable offence that will rack up record yards and points!
Tillman is the greatest scout and GM EVER! Every single move he has made he has managed to simultaneously rape every single other GM in the CFL... he is just that brilliant!
Joseph will turn the corner, and become the best all-round QB in the history of the CFL! Move over Moon, Flutie, a new sherriff is in town, and he will be breaking all your records!
Sapunjis in his prime? Pffff... we've got Fantuz!!!!
Massive changes to the O-line with brand new coaching?? They won't miss a beat! ZERO sacks this year!!
Massive changes to the D? Welcome to the new "Steel Curtain"!!!!
No team in the CFL is better than the Riders!
18-0 Season! 2-0 Post-season! Grey Cup is OURS AGAIN!
Materials for the parade are out and ready to go! Parade route is set!
July - Sept
This is when reality sets in and the Riders stink it up like everyone outside of Riderland knows they will. You can tell it is this time of year by Rider fans saying things like:

Austin is an idiot! Why can't he scheme these things called running plays!
Tillman is a moron for keeping/discarding _____________!!!
Joseph sucks! He always fumbles, and can't hit water if he threw into the ocean! Crandell is the man!
It's not Fantuz' fault he only has 10 catches for 30 yards this season, it's all that Joseph's fault for not being able to throw the ball to him!
Our O-line used to be the best in the league!! Why is it swiss cheese now? It makes no sense!!!
Why can't our D stop anyone? Victor Ike would have a field day against this swiss cheese! Bring back fatty Nate!
Riders are the worst team in the CFL! Even the Esks and Ti-Cats are better than us! The Renegades are better too, and they aren't even in existance!!!
Grey Cup isn't ours! 1989 - I love you!
Materials for parade are packed up. Parade route is no longer booked.
Sept - Oct
This is when the Riders win a couple games again as the other teams who have made the playoffs take it a bit easier on them.
Comments will go back to the May - July format. Difference is this time there is numerous in-fighting between the Rider fans calling out those who said Austin was a moron, Joseph sucks, etc. Parade Route is once again booked as it looks like the Riders will sneak into the postseason via crossover.

This is the easiest - The Riders are no longer playing football.

So like I said, who needs a calendar when we have our own version of a sun dial???

Surprisingly accurate assessment. Unfortunately I know a few Bomber fans like that too, just not nearly as many.

Well to be honest I think you can find these kind of fans from all teams right.

ummm you forgot the part where we kick your ass in the playoffs...

For someone who accuses others of being a troll, doesn't this just smack of hypocrisy?

nice analysis '05.

I think we just kick their asses in general. But, what can I say...

That's right, rw. You forgot to add the "rider leap year" to your calendar. It only comes along once every 25 or more years, but when it does, you know about it. Because the riders win the Cup!!

Troll hmmm reallly never though someone esles work is trolling. I thought it was amusing nothing more. Yes Larry the Rider leap year is that not once a life time. Is it not funny they win aone game a western final and they feel it is their Grey Cup game. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh Larry and esks123 I might need your help holding the dorrs closed so the villagers will not burn me at the stake. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Rider Leap year :lol:

All fans are optimistic about their team's chances when the season starts and its that way in every sport. Were you not optimistic about the Stamps' chances of going to the Grey Cup? Even optimistic about the Flames' chances of getting to the Stanley Cup final again? Its part of being a fan, hope springs eternal at the start of every new season. If you are not hoping that your team can do well, why even be a fan in the first place?

Prediction :

Saskatchewan Roughriders, 2007 Grey Cup Champs :smiley:

We've been saying it for decades, but maybe, just maybe, this is the year :wink:

Well Halfback if any fans deserve a GC from their team I would have to say it would be the Rider fans. Just hope you live long enough to see it. :lol:

i think its pathetic.. cause only a few of us think like that. we are realistic....

Meh, only one team is going to win the cup this year so I'm not going to get too worked up if we don't get it. Win or lose I'll support our team.

But you have to admit it would be nice to see the Grey Cup come back to the prairies.

Well I look at this way. Aim for a playoff spot then see what happens. If a GC is in the cards great but if not then as long as the team provided good games during the season as a fan thats all you can ask for. You are right two teams will be in the GC game and only one will win.

why didnt you apply for CFL Commish? :stuck_out_tongue: i know it all :lol: jk you ready for 2007 season? :cowboy:

Really? I thought it was "Saskatchewan Roughriders, 2006 Grey Cup Champs" last year, and "Saskatchewan Roughriders, 2005 Grey Cup Champs" the year before that :wink: :lol:

Careful what you say, Saskatchewan isnt the only prarie province... We may be the flattest, but we are exclusively the praries

But you have to admit it would be nice to see the Grey Cup come back to the prairies

Gee I have never heard that one before! :lol:

I better be more careful at how I word things in these posts so you guys don't give me such a hard time :wink: :smiley:

Like I said before, win or lose I'll remain loyal to the Riders. It would be fun to win the cup, but it is up to the players to make it happen. Should be a good year, looking forward to it!

Regular season - 49 days and counting :rockin: