Rider at Lions Aug 25

Hey all you BC based Riders fans! See you at the Commodore for Riderville today and at the game. There will be thousands of us there!

I’m also in BC this weekend.
Going to be a good win for the Riders if they play as a team like against Calgary.

Seems awfully quiet in this Rider Forum compared to other team forums.
Come on where’s the excitement and comments!!!
GO Riders GO

Depth chart

I am excited to see what Moore can do. Very young player and has the ability to get behind people…something the team really has not had in a long while. He was not great early in camp but finished strong.


I’m really hoping to see ZC continuing to get ‘really zoned’ in and improve on his quite good performance here in Regina against Calgary.
I don’t think he’s ‘real’ close to where he was but is definitely improving noticeable each outing now.
With an effective and confident QB you’ve suddenly got a very dangerous Offense!

Good win in a tough place to win.

Zack looked pissed in the post game interview - not happy. He will come out focused and get better for the next game.

Bring on the Booo-Bombers. Man I would love to see Bagg light them up.

Go Riders.

Big win on the road…BC has been tough at home this season. But my fricken god…why the deep passes on every 2nd and manageable when Mason is doing so well. SMH. McAdoo seems to be into the extremes…no long game…all long game. I don’t get it when the BC secondary was doing extremely well. Zero adjustment. Gotta do better than that as a coordinator.

Speaking of Mason…I am really starting to like his performance. Was on the fence with him earlier, but watching him the last couple of games, I think he doing well in all aspects of what is expected of our RBs. and yes, a very nice win in a tough environment!

Yes 'Big Win'!
ZC imo looked good, confident starring down the Rush, not panicking and running confidently. Passes were solid for the most part I thought.
As far as OC changing, I don't see it.
However having said that, I got the feeling that even though BC never had the lead, a couple of dropped passes by BC receivers caught and the Lions win.....That's too close against a last place team.'
Anyway good win in a hard fought game.
Go Riders GO

In the 4th zak did well under pressure but was rushed / running fir his life a lot. He did well to scramble enough to avoid being sacked.

OC aint changing. IMO he was told to be more prolific with spreading the ball deep to open the opposition up and took it way too far and never adjusted.

I thought the same thing with the drops…but it is so hard to say, because most of that stuff was shorter and you don’t know how the riders D will respond. also…ere some of the drops because a fast acting hard hitting D got in their heads and they were looking up field to soon? I say this because the Stamps did the same thing last week…and they generally don’t. Who knows.

2 things.

Firstly, I’ve noticed the Riders this season, play to their opponent level. IE. Calgary we played well, BC not as well. Somehow this needs to be rectified and we need their A game, every game.

Secondly, in the game against BC; ZC seemed to me like he had a problem between his ears. ( More evident from watching on my couch and they zoom in on his face ) Every time a drive would halt for whatever reason, the frustration was too evident. I think he needs to do some breathing exercises or something. Although i think he has come a ways since his late Hamilton days.

Absolutely Depop that has got to be in play through out the teams, I mean the Rider Defense imo are becoming the best and receivers etc are reacting.

[i]Eh, how does the Wally (the Loins) get away with playing music over the public address sys after the play is whistled in! I swear over half the time they stopped the music when there was 10 seconds left on the play clock. And the latter in the game it just got louder. I almost ran on the field to throw a flag, myself!!!

[/i]What is the rule on this?

wally the all powerfull. ya know that he is also in charge of the cheerleaders. he decides who can be a cheerleader and what their routines are and when they come on and off the field. it is amazing the power that he has here.

"Hey Wally, get off the field"

It was REALLY nice to see the reffing crew give him a penalty last year for doing that in new Taylor Field.