rider and eskies deal

Fred Perry from the Riders to the Eskimos for Steven Jyles

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whatever ticats111

This was nothing more than a salary cap move by regina. Tillman has always been horrible at evaluating q.b's, Jyles is about the same as Darnel Kennedy.

When did Marcel start working for SSK?

Too bad Obie didnt swing a deal. If they were just giving away Perry, someone we could def. use, we could have given them Timmy and a second rounder.

Absolutely. This move definitely seems to favour the Eskimos, at least in the short term... not that I'm complaining, of course. :wink:

Edmonton has an uncanny ability to fleece people in trades.

This is SSK trying to dump some salary and wanting to have some sort of plan B in case Joseph sticks with the Saints.

Is Joseph going to try out for the Saints for sure? Last I haven't heard Joseph was thinking about trying out.

He scheduled to work out with the NFL's New Orleans Saints on Feb. 13.

Well'll know more after that