Ride to the Game? Party Bus?


I am in Kitchener for the weekend from Yellowknife. I want to go to the Ti-Cat game, but I don't have a car.

What's the best way to get to the game tomorrow?

Are there any Game-Day buses?

How about a car-pool?

Not sure about party busses form Kitchener, but here's Canada Coach info

[url=http://www.coachcanada.com/coachcanada/ss.details.asp?action=Lookup&c1=Kitchener&s1=ON&c2=Hamilton&s2=ON&resultId=115940&order=&dayFilter=&scheduleChoice=&sitePageName=%2Fcoachcanada%2Findex%2Easp&cbid=252342344641]http://www.coachcanada.com/coachcanada/ ... 2342344641[/url]

Awesome. I checked Grey Hound earlier and their schedule didnt work. But It looks like Coach Canada will.


Roger, if you take the coach, it will go to the bus depot and you can catch the Barton or Cannon bus right to the stadium. If you have a game ticket is good for the HSR bus, if not save the one you buy at the stadium for the return to the depot. Good Luck.

Or you can go out to Main Street and catch a King bus and ask the driver to let you off close to IWS. You'll have to walk down a street but the King bus is easier to catch (and find) from the bus station. You'll likely get let off near a drive through Tim Hortons and then just walk down Melrose and you'll see the station (and fans walking down) ... easy peasy!

Hope you enjoy the game!! BTW the bus takes 1.5 hrs to get to the Hammer due to the milk run it takes

Does anyone use taxi's or something to get downtown or to the stadium from other places around the amalgamated city? I've got a crew coming down for an upcoming game (all out of towners) and all of us want to be able enjoy the festivities responsibly.

However, using the HSR entirely would be a lot of time on the iron lung. (If the stadium were downtown, it'd be a different story -- alas, we've covered this elsewhere). So, just wondering if anyone has had a favourable responses/experiences from cab companies or cheap limo services to cart people around -- relatively economically.

(And also on that note -- I haven't been on the Tigertown express from Lime Ridge this year. Is it difficult to get seats on that?)

I don't myself but I recall Hamilton Limo had a deal with the Cats for fans from other cities so you might want to check them out.

That's right. A Tiger-cat ticket wil get you on a Hamilton city bus (HSR) for free.

Is the Tiger-Cat head office open Saturday? If so, you can walk there once you get off the Canada Coach bus, get your game ticket ( no service charges) and then hop on the local HSR bus for free.

Does anyone know if the Tiger-Cat head office will be opne Saturday morning?

I've used it twice this year, and didn't have a problem, even when I got there just as the bus started to pull away and I chased after it like a madman....

I know on non-game days they are open on Saturday, and I think they're open until kickoff on any game day, if I'm not mistaken.

Don't know if you got my private message, roger, but I am in Kitchener and can give you a ride. I have an extra ticket, too, if you need one.