Rid Of Ranek

I think the Cats should try to propose a trade get a few quality players for a few quality players we don't need.

Ranek and Yeast would have been a good package to get rid of before yeast was cut, but I say get rid of another reciever such as Morreale or Cavil since you aren't using them anyways and go with young talent with Iain Fleming and Brock Ralph. Try to pick up some veteran experience in another position, we have the veterans we need in Vaughn and D.J.

Flemming is as overrated as ketchup on a hamburger. He would be a major DOWNGRADE over Cavil or Yeast for that matter.

I’m not sure he has ever been rated

Yeast was a waste of a roster spot, someone that inconsistent and the lack of sportsmanshop he shows is terrible.
As far as Iain Flemming goes he has played in only preseason and been solid, there is no reason that they couldn't play Flemming and "DOWNGRADING" isn't a problem right now is it?

TiCat fans seem to suffer from Leaf-itis, i.e. all their players are guys other teams covet. Well no one would want Yeast--too inconsistent and too soft. Ranek might get a look-see from some other team but that's about it. He's done zip this season, injury or not. As for Brock Ralph, he's still living on the fact that he had a cup of coffee at an NFL camp. Big deal. He's done zilch here. Morreale is too slow now, although he's still a good depth guy. Cavil can still play I think but who knows given the few chances he's had here. Overall, the talent is mighty thin.

An Argo fan

I agree, Cavil should be allowed more playing time, but i don't see what brock ralph has done wrong everytime he has been passed the ball he makes a great play. He certainly doesn't deserve to be knocked by people who have clearly never played a down of real football in their lives.

There is nothing wrong with having Josh Ranek on our team. We have no o-line plain and simple. Holmes hasn't faired any better since coming in as the starter.

Plus, who would want to trade for a starting runner when you could just as easily sign Antonio Warren right now.

Ok, so then we should be trading for O-Linemen, and keep holmes as the starter.

For once I just might agree with a change up in this case.

ive been saying get rid of ranek fora long time. we can trade ranek for a good offensive line man,Sign warrern and use holmes as a rb/sb type of thing

Must agree we would not get much for Ranek just now, and adding Yeast to the package would be “handing the anchor” to the struggling swimmer.

Yeast being “cut”, and presuming that Caretaker has the cash to do so, it would be well to look for a “captain” of the O-Line, preferably a center of similar qualities of Carl Coulter; the “bonus” would be if he could “long snap” as well, as that would help with another problem, and make Robichaud somewhat redundant.
That “might” free up a roster spot, which opens up another can of worms.
Where do we want to go from there? A kicker that can also punt would be “priceless”!
I’ve said elsewhere that an honest to Christ Safety that “batters” with hitting capability would be an asset; we have a good guy on the injured list, but thats not the same as fielding him…
Okay, we’ve abused the management, staff and player ranks to no end, so I’ll try my best “insult” and say that if any of us here had a “brain”, then all of us, along with the TiCat Management and Staff would be down on the floor, playing with it…

I'm glad to see you guys got it all figured out. :roll:

There is nothing wrong with Ranek, Holmes, Davis or anyone else who carries the ball for this team.

It's definitely the big boys up front who aren't getting it done. Somethings gotta give there.

Lifter wrote:

Yeast being "cut", and presuming that Caretaker has the cash to do so, it would be well to look for a "captain" of the O-Line, preferably a center of similar qualities of Carl Coulter...
George Hudson has years of experience as a CFL centre and should be able to fill that role with the Ticats. However, the Ticats have been using him as a guard all season. Meanwhile, Marwan Hage, who was an all-star guard in the NCAA, has been used as the centre. Seeing that the team is 1 and 6 now, maybe the Ticats should let Hudson and Hage play their natural positions and see how they do.

Good thought!

Make the switch, and see what we have (it can hardly be worse!)and lets see what coaching can develop a "captain" character.

Do something right, do something wrong, but for God's sake, lets do SOMETHING!

This team seems to enjoy playing players at positions other then their natural ones and then seem stunned when they struggle...

Ranek was a force in Ottawa, but he can do nothing in Hamilton. It's hard to run through holes that aren't there.

Hage is a horrible center (Marshall misjudged his talent), Wayne Smith's mind is in outer space somewhere and George Hudson is overrated. Our O-Line right now is the worst in the league.

As soon as NFL cuts take place, our O-Line will be reconfigured. Give Ranek a hole, and he will be a force.

Like who?

Maas is QB

Ranek is RB

Hudson is guard

Yeast was receiver


Who is struggling because they are not playing their postiion?

I think we have a couple leftovers from the Marshall pool of talent from Mac. that need to be questioned on the o-line(':rockin:')

I believe Greg Marshall was overeanamoured with bringing Cdn College Talent into the League, as they were/are available at low cost, so you could beat the salary cap thing by having a reserve of funds for high priced imports like Holmes, Ranek, Maas, etc…and of course Caretaker is adhering to that League rule, which others, like the Argo’s are totally not! (Allan, Wynn, Williams, Avery etc etc all within salary cap? I think not! Put the bright lights into Pinballs face and ask if his team doesn’t “cheat”!)

Yes, when the NFL cuts come along, Ronnie will reconfigure the team as it needs to happen, and the bodies/personalities get available. Likewise, you might see where guys like Ranek gain enormous trade value, as injuries happen with other clubs.

Some beefing up of our linebacking and re-establishing some secondary players (I’m talking about you, #20!) will likely be in order.

Be calm all. We are rebuilding.

Note the Argo’s are not.

Don’t see the Al’s “rebuilding”, and they are due to lose Matthews in fairly short order, and they are getting overaged.

Ottawa will be reserrected sooner or later, but I think we can survive that better than other Eastern conference teams, including Wpg.

We might be sitting pretty shiney in 2007/8 compared with the rest of the Division.

Lets keep this team, such as it is, together, and “learning” for ther rest of the year…

Shaw at safety.