Rico Murray talks about the Fans at THF !!!

Impact of Tim Hortons Field

It’s well known Hamilton is a perfect 6-0 at its new stadium. The fact the Ticats get to host the Eastern Final at their own field means the players are comfortable in the surroundings. And the noise created by the Steeltown fans certainly makes it tougher on the visiting team.

“Actually, the last time we played Montreal, there was one play in particular late in the game where it was second down and all the fans were going crazy,? Murray explained. “I’m looking at [Alouettes quarterback] Jonathan Crompton and he’s trying to get his guys together. He’s looking at the sideline saying he can’t hear anything and can’t get the play call.?

“That’s hats off to the fans doing their part to make it a hostile environment at Tim Hortons Field. It does get pretty loud there?

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/dunk-ticats-quiet-focused-and-confident-ahead-of-sunday]http://www.cfl.ca/article/dunk-ticats-q ... -of-sunday[/url]

Let's do this TIGERTOWN :rockin: LOUDER than you have ever been on DEFENCE :rockin: