Rico Murray Re-Signs with Cats


[b]According to the agency that represents him, KMG Sports Management, Ticats linebacker Rico Murray has agreed to a two-year contract extension with the club.

Murray had 53 tackles, two sacks and two interceptions in his first year in Hamilton but it's his versatility that makes him invaluable. He played strong side linebacker and short corner - two very tough spots - and could likely play halfback as well. He's a good player who should be even better next year.

Murray was likely entering the option year of his initial contract and the new deal should keep him in Hamilton through the 2015 season[/b] (though it has not been confirmed by the club.)


According to the "Scratching Post" Rico Murray has been signed up through the 2015 season.Rico was one of my fav new Cats last year,with his versatility and hard hitting play,an excellent move by Cat management moving towards the continuity of this roster for next season and beyond. It's hard to believe that Murray didn't make the squad initially and was one of the final cuts at the end of training camp.Ricardo Coughlough and Markeith Knowlton were the two starters in game #1,and where are they now????(Coughlough,last seen in double blue,Knowlton....M.I.A.).If the Cats can resign F.A.'s
Johnson and Lawrence,IMO the team will have one of the best LB crews in the league,with Isaac and Bowman thrown into the mix,along with 2nd year man Plesius having a full Training Camp in 2014.It's imperative to the future success of this team that the Cats keep the young players they have on Defense together,as much as possible,and let them grow into what could work out to be eventually the Best defensive unit this team and league has seen in a long time.

Last year,the Cats "D" saw a total overhaul from the wreckage of the 2012 season,all it needs now is a little tuneup and it will be a finely tuned engine,running on all cylinders from training camp on.Last year with all the injuries and the constant shuffling of players from week to week,it took the better part of the season just to put all the pieces of the puzzle finally together.

I HATE THE OFFSEASON!!!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE 2014 SEASON TO GET ROLLING!!!!! GO CATS GO !!!!! GREY CUP CHAMPS 2014!!!!! :cowboy: :thup: :smiley: :slight_smile: :thup: :cowboy:

Rico Murray is a good signing. With a core of good players, this team can only get better. :thup:

Murray is a beast. He is becoming a trend of NFL players who play for two seasons and get released after TC during his 3rd season. waits for one last look that often does not come with so many rookies, PR guys and heads North with a huge Chip on his shoulder and just bec0omes dominate.

Good experieced pro to help with the younger Breux and the other kid they had at the other CB spot. He is good enough to play all 5 cover DB spots