Rickys agent: I expect ricky to be an Argo


Leigh Steinberg, Williams's agent, said Saturday his client hasn't yet received permission from the Miami Dolphins to play in the CFL this season. However, Steinberg fully expects the Dolphins to give the former Heisman Trophy winner their blessing to suit up for the Argos in 2006.

"Although I am loathe to say that because it could put some pressure on the Dolphins, I would be incredibly surprised and disappointed if it didn't happen," Steinberg said when asked whether Williams's joining the Argos was a certainty. "I assume it will happen but I'm being very careful to be very delicate here.

"I have a terrific relationship with the Dolphins and (Miami head coach) Nick Saban has been terrific in his support of Ricky."

Williams and Steinberg have been in Toronto for the past four days - Williams arrived on his own three days earlier - and have met with Argos ownership and president Keith Pelley. However, the two sides have gone as far as they can until the Dolphins give their blessing - Williams is still under contract with Miami for the next two seasons.

The Dolphins' approval could take a few more days because of Monday's Memorial Day holiday in the United States.

Once the Dolphins grant their permission, Steinberg said it won't take long for Williams to sign with Toronto.

"Negotiating a one-year contract in the CFL is not heavy lifting," he said. "If we can get this release, I would imagine it would take one hour to put this deal together."

Williams won't come cheaply, though. He will reportedly earn around $250,000 with Toronto, which would easily make him the highest-paid running back in the league.

Once Williams completes his NFL suspension, he can apply for reinstatement. If successful, he would be clear to return to the Dolphins for the 2007 season.

"Nick Saban wants to make it crystal clear that Ricky returns there after this year," Steinberg said. "Miami wants it absolutely air tight that they won't lose this player."

"The substance Ricky recently tested positive for was not marijuana and Ricky has not done marijuana for the last year and a half," Steinberg said. "The Ricky Williams who was using marijuana is not the same Ricky Williams today.

"He is actually a positive role model today. This is not a case where you have a druggie fleeing from another league. What we want to do is make productive use of the time he has available."

"If they (Argos) give Ricky enough carries he will be fun to watch," Steinberg said. "In the fourth quarter of games he just explodes because his M.O. is he just wears and grinds defensive players down.

"It could be exciting to see him run on the wider field."


my god, Ricky, get a shave! :lol:

bob mcgowan says he saw ricky, and he has a clean shave now.

he tested positive for herbal tea.He has never been charge with a crime , and POT is NOT the same as other more serious drugs.

Maybe we should now have booze testing? ...lol...

An illegal drug is an illegal drug.
If you want to change the status of that drug..Fine but as it stands now it is illegal in both the US and in Canada!

legal isnt always right. smoking is legal, but is more lethal than pot...it kills people who dont even smoke.

i suspect, if white people discovered smoking weed, it'd be legal like beer.

I agree it isnt always right(the principal not pot)But the fact of the matter is that it is illegal and untill the law is changed it should be inforced!
(laws in general)

luckly it isnt enforced....unless your an idiot about it ( selling it or caught with enough to be suspected of selling )..lol

any concert im ever at, theres plenty of police, and im sure they can smell the pot in the air, but they dont care.

What was Willians charge with?
He was also suspended for drinking herbal tea [his forth time]

CRACK and POT are not the same thing.

The NFL is not the law in Canada or the U.S.

i'd like to see cigarettes made illegal...i'm sick of breathing in 2nd hand smoke, and seeing underage kids smoking.

But breathing second hand pot smoke is OK?

I believe that the CFL should honour the NFL suspension and not allow suspended players to play here!

but pot is illegal, so its not such a problem right now.

im sayin, since pot is illegal currently, so too should cigarettes be illegal.

if it wasnt for possible tensions with america, which would affect business with them...it would be legal right now.

Pot is mind altering, Tobacco is not!

I also find it(not you) quite hypocritical when I hear people say that tobacco should be banned because of second hand smoke but pot should be made legal!

have you ever smoked pot? I have so I know how it effects a person. BOOZE is far worse.

Why should we honour an NFL ban that is quite stupid?

omg...it hypocritical to say booze ( mind altering ) is legal, yet pot is not.

i didnt mean smoking cigarettes should illegal and pot should be legal...im saying BOTH should be illegal or BOTH should be legal. not one legal and one illegal.

Go ahead and make booze illegal!
I am all for that as well.

You mentioned you don't know any violent pot smokers. I don't know any violent boozers. Why? Because we prob both stay away from them to avoid problems associated with them

any party i ever go to, the boozers get violent towards the end of the nite, while the pot-heads sit on the couch eating chips.

I should merge these two thread as we have to repeat ourselves.

Anyway the point is right or wrong that pot is illegal in Canada. If the law changes fine but untill then he should be gone.

banning booze was already tried once and it failed.

There are not many violent pot smokers.

But there are many , many violent drinkers. Go to a HAMILTON / ARGO game. Read the papers every day.

how many times have I seen just that. :lol: