Ricky Williams's post game comments

This is from today's Toronto Star:

Ricky: It's tough to say goodbye
Williams ends stint with Argos on a losing note `We had a lot of fun this year,' says

suspended NFLer
Nov. 13, 2006. 01:00 AM

MONTREAL—Ricky Williams won't get to play in his first Grey Cup game.

The Argonauts were denied a berth in next Sunday's CFL championship game in Winnipeg when they were beaten 33-24 yesterday by the Montreal Alouettes.

He'll bid farewell to his teammates of the last six months when they gather at their Mississauga practice facility for a final time today.

But he could be back.

Not next year, mind you. Nor the year after that. He's under contract to the NFL's Miami Dolphins for the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

They lent him to the Argos this year after he was given a one-season suspension by the NFL for breaking the league's substance abuse program.

He said he'd be open to returning to the Argos some day.

"If I ever had the opportunity and it was feasible I'd definitely consider it," he said.

Argo president Keith Pelley said he's given Williams an open invitation to return to the team "when his NFL career is over."

Williams said the biggest disappointment of yesterday's loss was leaving his Argo teammates.

He said he won't leave town immediately, especially since his daughter is in school.

"I intend to wallow in my misery for a couple more days. I want to enjoy the last few days with my teammates."

Williams said his reluctance to leave is because of the close friendship he's been able to develop with his teammates.

"It's the first time in my football career that I've bonded with my teammates. That's the toughest. You play football for 15 years and you win some and you lose some, but what you take with you is the camaraderie that you have with the guys," Williams said.

He said he formed a special bond with his Argo teammates whom he described as "a bunch of characters."

"We had a lot of fun this year. They're so accepting of me and they allowed me to develop my leadership skill and really be one of the guys.

"I really thank them for that. It's the most meaningful six months I've had in a long time."

Head coach Mike Clemons called having Williams on his team a win for the Argos.

"Usually we see a guy come in and he performs great and he rides off on a white horse and we celebrate him for future years. His contributions on the field have been many, but has certainly been different from what everyone would have expected, including myself.

"He has such a generous spirit. He gives everything he has when he's on the field. I never would have thought I'd see a $5 million running back come to the CFL in his prime and graciously and excitedly be a blocking back a lot of time,'' Clemons said.

However, the most significant contribution Williams made was off the field, Clemons added.

"He was a real example for our guys in that he's a guy who has achieved a lot of success, but has a lot of balance. He's not caught up into money and other stuff around the game or who he is. He's comfortable being a teammate."

Williams was groovy. Good bye and good luck Ricky.

I think if the Argos would of stuck to giving him the ball yesterday they result may have been alot different . He certainly is a classy guy and showed that the money in the NFL doesnt have to change you . Good luck Ricky !!!!

I wish the very best to Ricky Williams and I would LOVE to see him back in the CFL one day.

Thanks for Comming Ricky..
GL to you

Thanks for coming to Canada Ricky.

Yep, I ws a Ricky fan before he got here, and I'll be a Ricky fan for as long as he is in uniform ... definitely my kind of guy.

However, his CFL legacy DEFINITELY requires some rehabilitation - especially when considering it was HIS fumble on which the games TURNED for the worse, yesterday.

Overall, I think he represented himself well, and, most importantly - showed all the Ricky bashers (Theisman etc.) they were all FULL of themselves.

Good luck RW ! Hope to see you in the CFl again, someday !


You may have a point, habman, but personally, I think Avery should have been given the ball more. When you've got two very powerful running backs in your back field, I think you get both horses running and while you're at it, let them catch some passes too. Their both very dangerous in the open field.

It just wasn't Toronto's day, and frankly, that's a good thing!

You really know how to hurt a guy. Actually, I've been in pain since a little after 4 PM yesterday.

An Argo fan

Thanks for comming up Ricky. I look forward to seeing you back up here again!

You are a class guy! :thup:

Awesome interview.....from an amazing man.

(Barney Fife) You really know how to hurt a guy. Actually, I've been in pain since a little after 4 PM yesterday.

An Argo fan

Barney, I wouldn't dream of hurting you or slighting you in any way. For an Argo fan, you're all right!

BF - I've been in pain since training camp.

BTW - It has to say something about the calibre of the CFL athletes that a supposed top-ranked NFL running back cannot run haphazard through the league putting up 2000 yds and 30 TDs.

Yes sig, there are some people out there who think that every big-name NFL guy could just come into this league and dominate even without the help of any teammates. Mind you, we aren't exactly talking about people who have very much going on upstairs.

I liked the way you played Ricky,and cool under all the extra scrutiny you recieved. :thup: