Ricky Williams

I have been a life long NFL follower and have zero knowledge of the CFL. My interest is suddenly peaked now that you have Ricky Williams. What do ya'all think about having one of the premier running backs of the NFL playing on your team - knowing it's probably only for one year?

I heard your commissioner (is that the proper title?) had some negative things to say. But what is the fans perspective? He dominated the NFL and I believe he will be doing the same thing in your league before the end of the season. Grey Cup all the way.

He doesnt play for us first off, but

since he plays for our rivals, Im really getting sick and tired of hearing his name every 5 seconds. The guy had like 14 yards TOTAL last game, I dont want to see more interviews, questions and comments about ricky williams every time he plays.

The commish has no beef against Ricky, he just didnt like HOW the argos acquired him (loop hole)

I like Ricky but not when he's playin for the argos...he wont reach 1000 yards, and wont reach the grey cup.

Oh yea...Go Bills! (sigh)

In all honesty, I could care less about the “ricky show.” It seems that ever since he’s shown that he is not dominating the league (as of yet)that the media and fans really dont even give a care if he’s there or not. As far as Im concerned hes no better than most other backs in the league. He’s gonna be a bust, and it doesn’t make any bearing on the CFL season in my view what so ever.

Who cares about William...he's clearly overated

Of course he has the right to play here?

Why wouldn't he?

He's viloated no laws nor any CFL rules or regulations.

BTW, this is a pass heavy league in which a RB rarely dominates.

He hasnt but its debateably whether the argos violated any rules on attaining him.

But this is too much attention to ricky so im gonna drop it there.

No, it's not debatable at all.

What rule{s} are you referring to?

As I was saying - I have zero knowledge of your game and if it weren't for the 11 second clip I see every week on Sports Center, I wouldn't even know the CFL existed!

Sorry about confusing you with the Argo's, I must have seen clips from his game against you, not for you.

I suppose when I ask "do you think he has the right to play" I don't mean legally. Obviously he has the legal right. It just seems to me that this move makes the CFL look like the NFL's minor leagues. If a player gets in trouble, he can just kick it for a year in the CFL, then come back to the big bucks. It just seems pretty crappy. Still, he has great talent and he's topped 90+ yards in 2 out of the 3 games in a "pass heavy league." Domination? Not yet, but pretty good so far.

Good luck with your cats this year, I won't bug you guys anymore.

Ricky Williams has suddenly become a non-issue and looks very ordinary.....that's not to say we shouldn't be wary of his talents though....he can light it up on a moments notice without a doubt.

So far he's staying non-controversial and is keeping to his word as well as being a team player.... so I give him credit for that.

his NFL status has drawn good PR for CFL, but if he Does not produce CUT him like anyone else!imo :twisted:

You're not bugging us, and you're welcome to talk football here anytime.

And I agree with you. He is doing well.

Consider his limited usage, and I'd even argue he's doing very well.

You're not bugging us, and you're welcome to talk REAL football here.(CFL) lol


you mean very very ordinary?

The one in the CFL Standard Player Contract where the player must warrant that he is not under contract with another professional football league before he can sign a CFL contract.

It is very debatable. Just not very clear on what the correct outcome of that debate should have been.

Our position as Ticat fans is, of course, very different than the position that Argo fans would argue. :wink:

I've always been a fan of Ricky at UT, NO, And Miami but god damn he gets to much recognition up here and all I here is ricky this ricky that and people automatically think he is going to tear up the CFL.

Nope. He's very good. Third in the league so far in rushing yards.

Hmmm. Interesting.

Can anyone provide the exact wording of that portion of the standard player contract?

Does that automatically prohibit a CFL signing even if the contracted NFL team agrees to it?

Also, does the NFL suspension alter conditions of the NFL contract in any way thus allowing a CFL signing?

This is all so fascinating, and being an outsider the signing makes sense to me since the Argos, Dolphins and Williams all were in agreement.