ricky williams

:cowboy: how does a defense stop him?

Maybe they should get footage of NFL tapes, however it is always tough to stop him.

I thought Ricky Williams had a pretty good game, not great, but pretty good. It was opening day and 97 yards rushing wasn't bad at all. As he becomes more familiar with the CFL game, he should go for some solid rushing games, hopefully in the 150-180 rushing yards in a game, which would be most impressive.
Also, with him playing on a wider field now, getting him the ball on a few more swing passes would be a great idea because in the NFL he was pretty good at taking those short passes for a good gain. The wider field here should help him even more on these type of passes.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1150581014611&call_pageid=968867503640&col=970081593064&t=TS_Home]http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/Conten ... &t=TS_Home[/url]

And seven years into a checkered pro career, it seems as though he actually cares about what he's doing, that this isn't just some keep-in-shape holiday until the NFL takes him back.

He was asked by one of the handful of U.S. reporters in attendance if his experience in Toronto would make him a better Miami Dolphin, and he snapped back: "Who cares? I'm here right now. I'm doing this today. And that's all that really matters ...

"To me, I approach my job more seriously here than I did in the NFL. I'm growing as a person and understanding that success comes from doing your job to the best of your ability."

Argo fans have a lot to look forward to, unless Williams is lying. In that case the karma police are presumably giving chase.

Pretty easily. Those 97 yards he had the other day were mostly from 1 or 2 big rushes(most of the time he had minimal gains)and his avg. turns out to be 5.something(not godly in any way). No doubt he'll be in the top 5 RBs in the CFL, but I don't think he's the best.

esks123 .. you're trippin dude. Ricky had an impressive first game. I wish him the best.


Ricky DIDN'T have that impressive of a game. I'm actually kinda pissed that we aren't talking about Corey Holmes instead of him cause Corey was AMAZING! I'm ahuge Ranek fan but seeing Holmes catch and run like that was superb.

What was up with the Argos/Ricky getting the ball at 1st and 10 with 6 seconds left? Teams usually don't do that... all of a sudden, they though.. "why not try and give Ricky a TD or his 100yards" even though they were leading by 10. NO CLASS.
At least the cats stopped them.

maybe u should know what your talkin about b4 u accuse a team of having 'no class'....pinball said, cuz they play the cats 4 times, they could each win 2 each and tie in the standing...which means total points is the tie-brecker.

Why didn't they pass to the endzone instead of running and making the clock run? They didn't call a timeout and go for a pass in the endzone though. Hmm so if they were REALLY going for a score they would have tried a lot more.

Ironicly, Ricky got both carries and the clock kept running. They wanted to pad his stats... that's cheap.

Its cheap because it is Williams stats they are trying to pad? I wonder if you would object if Hamilton tries this with Corey Holmes....

ha ah ha ha just to keep the title of centre of the universe sad! Anybody that thought this was a good game for him must be nuts. This guy is suppose to be showing his stuff if this is all he has then this is laughable! Yep pad it all you want that does not make this guy any better then Holmes.

:cowboy: From what I read Toronto tried to score a touchdown just in case for a tie breaker according to their coach. And the kicker was playing hurt. Corey Holmes impressed me with his play. What did he have 13 carries for 87 yds. And isn't he the backup.

Agreed. I was so happy to see them using Holmes over Ranek. I thought they were going to use him primarily for Special Teams, but I am glad they are not. Had I known this I would have put him on my fantasy team. Maybe at the trade day =)

Go Riders!!

And go Hamilton when you are not playing the Riders!!

Just get two guys to hold him down, or take him down by grabing him on the legs (if that's legal).

Alot of people expected him to simply run up the yardage at his will because he is an nfler playing in the CFL!

97 yards is nowhere near a good game.

97 yards isnt a great game, but considering the argos didnt run the ball much at all the year before, it makes his 97 yards seem impressive.

but joffery reynolds had a WAY better 1st game.

What is also impressive is how the Argos gave ricky 18 touches to run the ball. I don't believe this number was ever reached last year?

As coach Pinball said, Ricky was just running through arm tackles in the 4th quarter as the defence was tired...and they were tackling him for losses earlier in the game.

If Ricky was impressive, what does that make Joffrey Renoylds? :?

this may be the year the argos learn the importance of having a running game, and giving the RB 18 carries a game...and using playaction fakes.

this SHOULD benifit avery and johnson next year...unless they dont learn anything.

Put a joint on the sidelines behind the line of scrimmage