ricky williams will take the rushing title in 2007

if ricky williams comes back to the cfl next year he will dominate the ground game and leave charles roberts in the with his mouth wide open....

He won't be back man!


I think that’s obvious from the way he has dominated in the games he’s played in this year. Tell us something we don’t know.

ha ha ya, ricky williams cant play in the CFL. hes an nfl back, plus theres no way he'll be back next season anywase. Miami has him under contract

.....miami does have him under contract next year, in fact they have him under contract right now, but all it will take is for Ricky to puff a fat one right before the next NFL mandated drug test and he's right back to where he is now, probably playing for Toronto if he wants to play anywhere....

If he does continue playing in Toronto, he most likely won't "dominate" the CFL.... he'd be much better off pretty much anywhere else in the league. Most likely Calgary, Saskatchewan or Montreal for quality of run blocking in the O-Line...

And I'm selling shares of the Port Mann Bridge! :roll:
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I think he would like to play in BC... Not because of their o-line or anything.... but rather off field reasons - :cowboy: :roll:

Sportsman, got any shares for the Lions Gate? I like that one much much better..... did a case study on the retrofit they did for my 4th year project.

Actually, if he toked 30 days prior to, he'd stay in Canada

RW may come back to the CFL, but not untill his contact and debt with the Dolphins is paid off, and even after that happens and he plays, I don't think he will still be that good.