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Gee I thought this post was about Ricky Williams not about trolls? Oh well they can't help themselves I guess. :?

So how 'bout that Ricky Williams? Anyone interesting in discussing him, or should I just lock this?

I would rather discuss Ritchie Williams. Where the heck is he anyhow?

...the career of Cindy Williams...discuss...

isnt she Ritchies mom???

how about wes williams... the canadian rapper

Williams wasn't a bust in the CFL, but was busted for drugs in the NFL... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Career NFL statistics as of Week 17, 2009
Rushing yards 8,892
Average 4.1
Rushing Touchdowns 62
Receptions 310
Receiving yards 2,382
Receiving Touchdowns 7
Stats at NFL.com

Actually, for a career that started in 1999 These numbers for the NFL are definitely a bust!

By comparison: Tony Dorsett

Career NFL statistics as of 1988
Rushing yards 12,739
Average 4.3
Total Touchdowns 92
Stats at NFL.com
Pro Football Hall of Fame

give ricky williams the alouettes offensive line and a sane minded offensive coordinator and he runs a legit 1500 yards no problem, could you imagine ricky with calvillo, cahoon, and trestman, my oh my, what a sight that would have been, its a shame, that toronto was only concerned about ricky and pinball giving anthony robbins type motivational speeches instead of focusing on improving their running game. Kent austin purposely destroyed that argos offence so he could snake oil his way out west to regina.

CFL bust at 4.8 yards per carry and so forth as discussed in the thread referenced below definitely from all I've read with evidence, but NFL bust c'mon Geo!

Sarcasm Geo? Or just hate Ricky Williams? Or wait ...Cowboys fan? :roll:

Grant it Dorsett is way better but your comparison is hardly fair or apples-to-apples.

[url=http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/W/WillRi00.htm]http://www.pro-football-reference.com/p ... llRi00.htm[/url]

Good stats but you do not mention the total number of seasons played for Williams and Dorsett. As Williams had time out compared to your apparent man Dorsett who is a legend in his own right with a better overall career for now, Williams has had so far only 8 real seasons compared to Dorsett's 12.

Williams has five 1000+ yard NFL seasons with a solid average in four of them.

Also by my count since 1970 he is one of only 10 big backs at 230lb+ to rush for at least three 1000-yd seasons as I have posted separately. On my list of those big backs he is number 6.

Have a closer look at the NFL career stats link I say before you cry NFL bust, unless of course you are a Cowboys fan in which case fuhgedaboudit! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I hate the NFL (That includes the Cowboys.

  2. Sarcasm? Hardly. Just pointing out that he's not as good as everyone thinks (In either league)

  3. Don't care about his size one bit. In fact it doesn't factor in. Plenty of backs have better numbers than Williams and were much smaller. The fact that you point out his size simply means his numbers should be better.

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So what of Ritchie Williams???

Re -geo365- good post showing the average performance by a over hyped player, Maybe that certain someone will take the bait and fish off< troll on trolll on

Maybe you will have something to add once in awhile instead of just trolling, and plus you hate the NFL anyway as you have made clear Mass. I simply responded to Geo's post with my opinion, and if that's trolling it's because you are here to just troll and jeer as usual.

It's been awhile since you have made any post on anything more than just some slam or opinion with absolutely nothing to back it up Mass for all the knowledge of the game you imply you have but clearly have not showed hardly any or choose not to do so in your posts, but I have seen you do it even so so why not do that more instead of such destructive rants?

Is it too much to ask to add to the discussion at hand instead of just sniping all the time?

Anything to say about Ricky Williams at all from your own thoughts and why or just here to jeer or troll as usual?

Hopefully see you around to contribute somewhere on here once in awhile instead of just troll.

Lies all lies AS USUAL Puke X what no NFL link?? to redirect people off this great CFL site??