One thing i'm getting sick of is people ripping on the kid for that 2006 season, the guy came here, did his job, ran the ball when his number was called, he even sacrified for the team and played fullback and was willing to block anybody and did an awesome job as a decoy on offense. Also his yards per carry was pretty damn good considering that snake kent austin hardly gave him the opportunity to run the ball.

In the 11 games that he played during 2006 CFL regular season, Williams rushed 109 times for 526 yards, scoring two touchdowns, with a long run of 35 yards. He caught 19 passes for 127 yards. He averaged almost 5 yards per carry which is half of a first down, so he did his job, also anything over 4 yards per carry is good, considering how sophisticated defenses are these days. Plus he made tons of money for the argos in ticket sales and merchandise, and I still see sport chek selling his jersey.

Haven't we gone over this a few times in the last year? :roll:

a bigger bust is jesse palmer, the guy comes up here requesting russ jackson's number, crying for a starting position, he even gets daddy to try and buy the ottawa team just so jesse could start, reminds me of that mess in calgary with the feterik retards, and palmer's brother was big time bust at notre dame.

Ricky was possibly the highest paid “decoy” in CFL history…

Why such the harsh feelings out of the blue weezy??? His jerseys at Sport Chek are called “old inventory”…

Ricky Williams had a foot injury as well if I recall. If he stayed here longer and shed a few pounds and got a bit quicker because of this, and he said he would need to do this to be a better back in the cFL, he would have been a better version of Joffrey Reynolds IMHO.

If Ricky Williams made football a priority we would be talking about him as a better version of Adrian Peterson (the viking not the other guy)

He wasnt a bust, but didn`t dominate either like people said he would.
Apparently he was supposed to become the greatest player to ever play in the CFL because he was a star in the NFL.

IMHO since R.W. was so dominant in his NCAA and NFL careers many(NFL indoctrinatees) were expecting him to run all over the "smaller" CFL D,s. He didnt and in fact he was not dominant at all. The CFL D,s looked good and R.W. did not! :thup:

This was 4 years ago let it go already…

I'll say. . . talk about old news. . . what bee got in your bonnet weezy? Why bring this up now? Maybe in the middle of a dull and long offseason, maybe. . . but now, with training camp in full swing? Leave it alone. . . I don't recall anyone ragging on Wiliams lately anyway so what prompted this is beyond me.

Ricky Williams had one of the lowest yards per rush of any starting RB for several decades in the CFL, at 4.9. Anything under 5 yd per rush and a RB is a bit suspect and he won’t be here long. Great backs get more like 5.5 yds and over. In fairness he suffered through several injuries which hampered his development. But he lacked the quickness required to be a top CFL RB. Carrying that extra NFL weight was a handicap and hurt his elusiveness. But Ricky was a good blocker, which is probably a RB’s most important asset in the CFL.

Williams was never a bust in the CFL, but he was below average. :o

i dont think he lasted long enough in the cfl to be considered a bust but if he played one more year and had a similar season to his first one then YES he would have been a bust.

bust is the wrong word in the topic.. he was overhyped by the media and didnt live up to that hype. NOT EVEN CLOSE actually.

but not enough time in the cfl to be considered a bust.

I think Ricky was also the main target for most Defences. Running Back is hard enough, imagine 12 whacky defenders licking their chops to get their hands on you.

I don't think Ricky was a bust, but he wasn't the star either. Ricky was supposed to be the guy to dominate the league, and he didn't he was average, so in that frame of thought he was a bust.

Wait wait...

I thought all the media guys from the USA said that Ricky would rip apart the CFL, break all the rushing records and embarass the CFL.

did he do that?


so he was a bust, according to all the experts!

Considering he was a rookie running back and got injured he was no where near a bust. If you gave him a couple of seasons to adjust he probaly would have been great.

pfft, maybe a CFL rookie but he's got plenty of Pro experience. Your excuse doesn't wash,

My thoughts exactly. They were saying that he would get atleast 2000 yds.


Ridiculous thread considering we all went last over this topic not too long ago here via the above thread with plenty of evidence to make the “bust CFL” case from those far more informed than are we as well.

I recommend all such folks who think so highly of Williams in the CFL actually do a bit more reading rather than just drinking whatever flavour laced Kool-Aid of their morning preference that leads to quotes like that or the one that started off this thread.

Of course all the same we ought allow some understanding for injury and recovery, but with the overwhelming facts in place against Williams as we had cited no way do I buy that as an excuse all the same for him not being a bust.

And “iffa woulda shoulda coulda,” allowing some for any signficant injury, does not count nor re-inforce such points. Stick with the facts dudes if you still really want to make a case for him in the CFL for which all those cited in the above thread showed clearly otherwise.

All the same he’s back to star status in the NFL and hopefully even though he play for the subpar Dolphins he’ll shine some more now in probably the best shape of his life. :thup:

it would be nice if a certain someone stopped trying to speak latin in english :roll: Re_ Ricky William,s - He will never be as good as he once was,(pre nfl suspension's)although he was a great college R.B in NCAA he was more suited for fullback in Canadian game.
The End.