Ricky Williams vs. Sportsnet (Interview Video)

[url=http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/videoPlayer.php?url=rtmp://]http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/videoPla ... _11_02.flv[/url]

This is some pretty funny stuff. :lol: Ricky Williams tears apart the usual sports interviewer "cliche" about playoff intensity.

That was one of the funniest interviews I have ever seen. Good job Ricky.

Atta boy, Ricky!

he was in a good mood...

I must say I take my hat off to Ricky. Very well put. Funny too!

I give him that... he spoke very honestly. Definitely not your regular,

"Well we'll have to give 110% and make sure we play well in all 3 phases of the game..."

I think Ricky was trying to warn us in advance not to expect anymore then we have seen so far. The only way that will happen is if he gets some blocks to get him into the secondary.
I saw a quote by Orlondo Steinauer that he thinks we will see real tight ends and big fullbacks like Sean Millington in some training camps next year. Maybe he was trying to hint that's what required to get the most out of running back like Ricky Williams.
It was my opinion the Argos should have started beating the bushes for a TE who could block and catch as well as a FB who could do the same as soon as they signed Ricky to get the most out of him. Still don't understand that one. They could have used imports there by dropping Soward and Avery from the lineup and using imports would have made the job of finding these players easy especially after the NFL cut down. But I would have liked to have seen this kid Keeping play some TE instead of trying to make a NG out of him. I would wager that a front three of Johnson, England and Brown with Cantor as backup would be better at this stage of the game. I'm sure the coaches sit around and talk about how to best use the players they've got so hopefully that's what is happening. That doesn't mean we as fans have to agree, and of course we always know best. :slight_smile:

I think Ricky didn't have any hidden message. He meant exactly what he said.
It is cliche, but false when players say they will work harder, or give 110% because it is a big game.
At least if it were true? That would mean they weren't working hard and only giving 90% before.
And what Ricky said is, great players never do that--they always play hard, they always give everything they have--and that is what makes them great.
It is the marginal players who can usually "step up" for big games. The marginal players are the guys who mail in a game here and a game there and can "elevate" their game for a play-off.
But great players, even good players, always play hard.

yup. anybody who makes life difficult for media, and makes them look stupid in the process, cant be all bad.

Good on you Ricky :thup: :smiley: :rockin:

I wonder if he was preparing himself for the questions that the American media will most certainly ask him-- why he didnt tear this league up with its "inferior" talent. Most of the American media dont understand that the CFL is a different game.. they look upon it as a joke, and are going to crucify Ricky for not making our league look like a third rate version of the NFL.

He succeeded in making the NFL look 2nd rate, though.


I think his prime concern is the possible inferrence that he may not have given it his all during the reg season, specially if he accomplishes more in the playoffs.

Good players play hard all the time or so they say…but it isn’t always with the same intensity. That is what changes for the playoffs and any player who says any different is being careless with the truth.
Its like a pair of boxers, they fight hard for nine rounds but in the tenth, if they’re both still standing, they crank it up a notch and go all out. But they couldn’t keep that pace up for the whole fight.
An eighteen game schedule and the playoffs in football is no different…there’s no holding back in the playoffs.

This is such a change in Ricky Williams in all the interviews I've seen him in lol. Normally he's polite and soft spoken and a quiet guy but he actually got fed up with the media. Good job Ricky :thup:

He's so right what he said, and the reporter just doesn't get it.

I would be in a bad mood too if my whole football career basically came down to 1 game.

If he doesn't have at least 1 break out game SUNDAY or during the rest of the play offs [hopefully for the ARGOS] , MIAMI and the ARGOS may not want him back.

But good on RICKY for that interview and that he has put huge dents in the myth that CFL players are not as good as the NFL ones are.

This guy wasn't just any former NFLER. He is still in his prime.

Miami will take him back - no doubt about that. They need him, look at their team this year…

Wouldn't it be funny if he tore up the NFL again? :wink: :lol:

I hope he does lol!

Actually, they could trade him. That would be interesting to see what they could get. Obviously Daunte Culpepper isnt ready to play, and the O Line seems to $uck.