Ricky Williams: rekindled love of football in CFL

[b]Speaking with TMZ Sports on Thursday, Williams suggested Manziel should "get some help" if he wants to play and said taking some time off might be for the best. The former Heisman Trophy winner said his time away from the NFL was the best thing that could have happened to him.

"When I went to go play in Canada, it got my mind straight, I found my love for football again, I came back and I had another five years to my career," he said.[/b]

[url=http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2617826-ricky-williams-suggests-johnny-manziel-should-take-time-off-from-football]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2617 ... m-football[/url] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4FR4no_n_A

Did he really just call playing in the CFL “taking some time off”?

Perhaps that’s the reason why he didn’t dominate the league like he thought he would.

I don't think he meant it as taking a vacation. More like taking time off from the NFL and everything that goes with it. Aside from the pay scale there's a pretty big difference between the demand and scrutiny. And you have to remember Ricky Williams played in Toronto where being a CFL player is akin to an NHL player playing in Arizona.

Exactly wolverine, Ricky needed to be a nobody of sort and still play a high level of football and that is where Toronto and the CFL comes in perfect. If you play in the CFL in Toronto, you can walk around town and no one will know who you are and that is exactly what Ricky needed at the time. Of course that would have been different in Regina where he would have been hounded, wouldn't have been what Williams needed at the time to get back into a football mode to be able to return to the NFL.

The people of Regina don't "hound" players. Or are you going to bring up the one incident from two dumb-asses years ago with Paul McCallum? The people of Regina are cool, and Ricky would have loved it there.

The biggest impact Williams had in the CFL, through no fault of his own, was being the impetus for that slimeball Clemons to fire then OC Kent Austin for not giving Williams the ball more. It was a PR move that Austin never bought into.

Totally reshaped the coaching landscape in TO, Sask and Hamilton for years to come.

IMO, the biggest impact Williams had in the CFL was the Ricky Williams Rule that the league adopted immediately following his short tenure up here which also kept Michael Vick out after being released from prison.

BCRiderFan, I mean't that he would be under much more scrutiny in Regina with it being a smaller city and the Riders the main, or maybe sole, pro team where there is much more media coverage directed to the Riders and not diffused like in Toronto with so many teams and where the CFL isn't looked upon in the same light as the Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays. And also with TFC there as well.

Exactly. Being an NFL player in the US brings a lot of media scrutiny and fan attention with it, just like being an NHL player in Toronto. Some people thrive on that. Others find it a major distraction. CFL players, especially in Toronto, aren't subject to the same kind of attention (whereas they are recognizable in Saskatchewan).

All Williams is saying is that playing in a market where he was functionally anonymous outside of the stadium gave him a chance to get his personal issues sorted out and focus on what he needed to do. It worked out for him pretty well.

He's not knocking the CFL. He's suggesting Manziel come up here, which isn't something you'd do if you didn't feel like it was worthwhile.

Please don't even suggest it Ricky. The last thing we need up here is Johnny "the moron" Manziel , just leave him wherever the Hell he is the last thing we need is the likes of him in this league or even in this country for that matter. :thdn:

Good on Austin.
From everything I saw in watching Williams, even when he was given the Ball, it never looked to me like he was ever really playing hard/to win or maybe he just wasn't that great.....donknow :cowboy: