Ricky Williams reinstated by the NFL

Ricky has finally been given the ok to resume playing with the Dolphins. The earliest he could play again is their monday night game November 26.
Ricky has been working out and weighs in at 230 lbs. He looked a good 10 lbs lighter then that last year with the Argos. Should make for a good story for his first game back

So I guess Joe Theisman had a coniption today.

And we're suppose to care, because??

well, now that hes not suspended by the NFL, he can come back to the argos if he wants.

But he is under contract, is he not?

From what I read, the Dolphins have 2 weeks to decide what they wanna do with him.

I honestly don't care either way what he does. I'd rather not see him come back to the CFL.

i hope he tears the NFL to pieces, so i can say "NFL-god comes here fails then goes back and tears it up"...what does that say about 'talent level' being so amazing down 'there'?.

That would be nice!

He's 30.... He is past his prime.

how old is milt, or anthony, or charlie, or KJ?

He is an NFL running back. They dont last very long. There are a few exceptions. Curtis Martin for example. Or, on the flip side, look up Shaun Alexander this year. He is playing like he is old and done. Check his age.

Milt Stegall is a ridiculously gifted human being. Completely different scenario. And don't forget that he hasnt really had any breaks in between his active time.

Ricky Williams back tonight on Monday night football against the Steelers.
The game looks like it could be another mud bowl.
The announcers finally did mentioned that Ricky played in the Canadian Football League last year. You get the impression they don’t think it was Real football though.

This isn't real football! Honestly, was there no opportunity earlier in the week to re-sod the field? Sweet merciful... :?

Ricky is out with a shoulder injury. D-Lineman stepped on his shoulder.

They are just talking about the big Saskatchewan Grey Cup win and showed some highlights. Very suprising.

More like he stomped on his shoulder LOL

They've already found out his true value.

What a crappy game by the way. 3-0. They're blaming it on field conditions and the weather.

Apparently not Chief. There were three high school games on the same field in the last week. I guess they don't have any other stadiums around there.

I saw the replay of that. That was pretty brutal… :? :lol:

Just saw the news that his season seems to be over. Tough break. Best of luck to him in the future.