Ricky Williams, overrated!

Is he? I say Yes!

This guy has been proclaimed by all the Miami Dolphin fans as the man who's going to destroy all the CFL rushing and TD records! :lol: I think NOT!.

This guy is proving to the rest of the USA that just because your a "Star" in the NFL does not mean you automatically become the SuperStar of the Canadian Football League!

His antics and his style are definitely not getting him anywhere The "East-West" style is proving to be more fatal than good!

I say that's GREAT! I want him to fail!

But he's over rated!

How about you judge the O-line before critisizing Williams.

How about he should be smarter than to run backwards for negative yardage whether the o-line is helping him or not. If you can't find holes you try use your strength to create some(and that's going forward, not backwards), or you run into the tacklers and they tackle you.

But for shit's sake ricky williams you don't run backwards!

no, he thinks he's so great that he can do it on his own! pfft.

I say he is rated perfectly.......for the NFL!!!! :lol:

But Eastside.

If he was on target to break all the records.... would you credit the O-line?

No NFL fan would say Hey great O-lines in the CFL!!!! They would say SEE BUSH LEAGUE

Obvoiusly he cant play the CFL game, and if you look at the Grey Cup vs. Superbowl Champ thread, some posters are saying that the NFL talent is better. Ricky is proving that it is not!

rickys done well, except against the bombers.

the bombers are too good.

see what he does to sask. crappy defence in week 6.

If Ricky Williams wasn't "ricky williams", he'd probably be getting less carries by now, and becoming a shared role RB, on the way to being cut.

I would say he has done OK as opposed to well. I just think most expected more

I never thought that he would break any records. I just didnt think he would be having 6 yards on 9 carries. But I am satisfied with that play he did when he crushed Malveaux's face in the ground... :lol:

this poll is crap too...your options are "yes, hes overrated"...and i dont agree with that.

and "no, hes the best"....and i dont think that either.

i'd say hes somehwere inbetween.

i always said he'll do good, but not charles roberts good or joffery reynolds good.

i pegged him for 3rd in rushing, and i think hes close to that now.

5th to be exact!

because there is no maybe… he’s either good or he’s not!

why pussy foot around the debate, and just say it! either he is or he isn’t!

then every player in the CFL is crap with the exception of, maybe 6 guys, cuz who can claim to be 'the best' at any position.

theres not one player who is 'hands down' the best at his position, with the exception of Sir Charles....so that means, every other player is 'overrated' by your logic.

Ricky Williams is a good running back in ANY league. I don't know anyone who's EVER said he was the greatest though. I think the Bombers DEE is pretty kick*** and Superman can't run on those dudes! I think his numbers will pick up and he'll probably get 1200-1500 yards this season. Does a 1200 yd season make him a bust?

no average

As I have stated before I think the bottom line is this....

Williams was a star in the nfl and will NOT be one in the CFL! Tells me the rushing defenses in the CFL may know a little something that their counterparts down south may not. :wink:

He'll have good numbers against every team but the Bombers...

Ricky must be wondering what the hell he got himself into. Avery was a dud and now Williams. Argos have the worst O-line in the league. BTW....where is Avery? Is he even dressing? Pretty useless having both on the team.


I think pointing out the consistency of the Argo O Line is the bes way to look at this. The Argos are not a rushing team. You can't say Ricky is no good. Look at the games. He get sthe ball and has no holes. It doesn'ty matter who you are if your O line can't open holes you're not going anywhere but down.