Ricky Williams on Bob Macown's Show

Think they'll even mention the Argos and the CFL in this interview?

Bob McCowan likes the CFL fine. Talks about it quite a bit actually and is on that board for '07 GC.

Ricky is an interesting guy, so if I can, I'll tune in.

it’s on right now fan590.com and sportsnet east/west.

I’ll have to watch one of the numerous replays then.
Or it will be on radio here at about 8PM (10 EST).

And thanks!

As an interesting sidenote to all this...I was listening to the interview. They couldn't remember the names of all the guys that were politically involved back then and got Ali up to fight George Chuvalo.

It was Cookie Gilchrist! His Toronto connections put that together after the Montreal Forum fell through! I've talked to Cookie about his political involvement and this and many other subjects for hours on end!

Do you remember the Pro Bowl Boycott of 1965 in New Orleans?

Cookie loves Canada and the Canadian people for the opportunity this country gave him. Cookie stood up for civil rights at a time when it was not fashionable! He opened a lot of doors!

I think that having Cookie on this show with Ricky Williams would have been appropriate! After all, Cookie started his pro career in Sarnia in 1954... going on to Hamilton (Grey Cup) and then Regina and back to Toronto and his services were sold to the Buffalo Bills by the Argos in 1962!

He would be a real good interview! :thup:

Ricky Williams is a real interesting individual as well!

Watched the interview last night with George St… on The Hour. He is very interesting, and knows how to dodge a question. But I like how he dodged the question about the CFL and no drug policy. He said simply that this is not his area of expertise to be commenting on a league policy like that. And he is right actually, as a player he is paid to play the game, he is not in the administration aspect of things. Smart reply there Ricky, good job.

See how Macown and Brunt were almost grovelling at Ricky's feet. Becasue after all, he's a big star from the hallowed NFL!

I mean Macown was begging for Ricky to say we are worthy. Brunt made sure to make every American reference he could, like LBJ, so that Ricky knew he was just like him!

They even interviewed Jim Brown. Macown referred to him as "the great Jim Brown"? Huh. Isn't Brown the same guy who has been arrested for drugs and beating up his girlfriends?

I mean they didn't even bother to ask Williams about the big game on Saturday? Ricky had to bring it up himself at the end. Just another example of the type of grovelling the Toronto media does at the feet of American atheltes.

Yeh but do you think that Michael J. Fox would be as "big" as he is if he was just doing Canadian shows? No. Fact is, most, not all but most, Canadians are impressed more with our countrymen who make it big in the States. Sad but true.

Did you hear what that great "Canadian" Micheal Fox said at the end that commercial he made?

It went something to the effect of
"its for American. And I am an American".

Gee Mike. Thanks for remembering us. And this guy is on the Canadian walk of fame in Toronto? And Russ Jackson isn't?

That is absolutely disgusting that Russ Jackson isn't on this. I doubt any CFL great is on this. Pure garbage by the people who run that joint.

Let's face facts, compared to America, Canadians and Canada are second rate in most peoples minds. Unless you gain noterity in the U.S. you are nobody. So what if you are "big" in Canada? Who are you impressing, Canadians?? :roll:

Michael Fox does have dual citizenship, so he was accurate in his statement. And given that he was specifically involving himself in American politics, it would not have been useful to say he was a Canadian.

As for Russ Jackson and the walk of fame, I imagine he'll be there soon enough. But sheesh, the thing has only existed for a few years and they can't do everyone at once. Though I actually get the impression that the plan is to eventually do everyone....

Now, what were we talking about?
Oh, Ricky.
I only caught about 20 minutes of the interview, but like I said, he is a very interesting guy.
Very bright.
Jim Brown is certainly one of the greatest running backs in history. Likely top 5. I am unaware of him having any legal or drug problems. Are you sure you don't mean James Brown?

Anyway, Ricky has been very open and honest about his previous drug use, and I would agree with him that why would he care about the CFL policy?
I don't particularly care if we have drug testing in the CFL either. I am pretty libertarian in that regard and think the way to end "cheating" in sports through drug use, is to open it up and allow these substances.
Then they are still libel to any and all laws regarding drug use, but at least it would be open, even, fair, and hopefully properly monitered by the medical profession.
I don't care if a guy is smoking dope.
I don't even particularly care if he uses a little cocaine.
Or steroids.
But for Ricky, he has found yoga as his new "drug" and good for him. He seems very calm and relaxed. Which is what one would expect.

Good interview.