Ricky Williams might stay in the CFL ? (Orlando Report)

Here's a story I just saw:

(caution:...I didn't see a whole lot of substance in this report...it seems to more of a hypothetical than anything)

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I think what some of this boils down to is that Ricky and Saban will have a talk to talk and really find out if he is in the Fish's plans. Remember, there are running backs graduating from college in the States every year, they have so many to choose from, if the Fish think that Ricky isn't what he once was, well, maybe they really don't want him anymore. Of course, this won't come out in the press, it will be that Ricky chooses to play in Canada. That being said, maybe Ricky also likes life up here so much that he wishes to live here for a few years, who knows.

the question is? does ricky owe the fish money in that case?

Williams will have to take a huge paycut to stay with the Argos next year under the new cap, one would think. Maybe he can make up that lost revenue by doubling up on the yoga instruction?

I'd sign up! I'd look forward to the smoke breaks. :rockin:

If the Toronto papers are to be believed, the ball is entirely in the Dolphin's court. Williams still owes the Dolphins lots of money and he is still in his prime. Football-age wise, he isn't even as old as his chronological age not having played a full season and having missed NFL games as well. Nope, my guess is they'll want him to return to the NFL.

However, I think there's a good chance he'll return to the CFL after his Dolphins commitment has been fulfilled. He seems to have enjoyed playing for Pinball and likes the team and city. He's taken part in all the community events and even had his baby daughter born here so she's Canadian!!

Here's the kind of story that unfortunately doesn't make the news. The Argos as a team went to a homeless shelter after practice (Thanksgiving weekend) to serve food, wait tables, etc. After everyone had left, who was by himself (no team mates, no residents...) sweeping the floors? Ricky Williams. Pinball saw him there when he returned for something. Oh, and the entire event was a non-media event.

Here's another. At a recent game, Williams went up to Kevin Eiben and told him that Pinball told him to sit out the next play which was to cover a punt. Williams goes in, in Eiben's place, takes off down field and levels the ball carrier. Pinball of course had said nothing to Williams about Eiben coming out or anything else. The guy just wanted a bit of contact!

Give the guy his due.

An Argo fan

You know what I like Ricky to Say .
But Think it Highly unlikely .
With all the Money He Owes..

Good find, mikey. I've been thinking along the same lines as Earl, that Miami might not want him back. He did not post stellar numbers this year in a league where some thought he would roll over the opposition. As for his age, he sustained two injuries this year, including a broken arm; NFL players have been known to lose their jobs for that kind of thing.

But I wonder: the Argos had to make promises to Miami to get him here. If Williams decides not to leave, that might put the Argos and the CFL in a difficult position with the NFL (unless the Argos release him outright). Presumably everything is negotiable, but it would look like the CFL stumbling into yet another problem.

I think the CFL and NFL will work this out in terms of the public image on this issue however it turns out. Also, it may be that Pinner is one of those charismatic leaders that draws people in to his circle who have some question marks with their past behaviour. And it's hard not to love the guy, he gives people a chance and if you cross Pinner and he lets you go, well, you know you've messed up.

THe nfl,s most hyped running back, never did anything great in his CFL season, so who cares if he,s back in CFL, there are lots of GOOD players comming out of collage.as stated

Miami may want to unload him because he would cot a ton to keep him and they have a stud RB in Ronnie Brown who is gonna demand more money once his entry contract is done.

I would love to see Ricky stay in the CFL but I don't see that happening.

I like the guy.

I may be a diehard Tiger-Cats fan but I'm actually cheering for the Argos. To be honest with you... I've never really hated them. I hate them on labour day and any day that the Ticats play them... but I want to see Ricky win a Grey Cup.

I will say that he has appeared to work hard this year and come back from some injury setbacks and has taken things seriously. From what I can see, an excellent team guy who just wants to contribute as best he can.

Bingo :thup: From what I've seen and heard of him...I like the guy too! I hope he goes to the Grey Cup and performs well!

what running backs are coming out of college with rickys talent? his numbers may not be stellar but there are alot of reasons for that. i hope i dont have to explain them to you. he has been a class act and has done wonders for the cfl game. i hope he comes back and has a full season to show just how special of a player he is. but hey im all ears if you can tell me who your gonna draft outta college that is equal or better then ricky and isnt gonna go in the nfl draft in the first 3 rounds or to the nfl at all and then choose to come here. give your head a shake.


Even if the Dolphins let him go, the Argos cannot afford to pay a player as much as Ricky is making now.

However, if anyone is willing to take a pay cut, it would be Ricky.

Alss keep in mind that Ricky may quit footballl altogether.

As I cautioned in my opening post, there wasn't much substance to that reporter's story from Orlando......

Seems William's agent squashed the story quick today.....

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But it was fun getting everyone's views anyhow.....personally, I think Williams redeemed himself nicely here much to my surprise.....his numbers may not have been earth shattering but he rehabilitated his reputation admirably.

The agent says what he has to. Ricky and his agent are beholden to legal obligations right now.

The article also states, "Williams also said he would consider returning to the CFL in 2007 because, "this season probably has been the most fun I've had playing since I've been in pro football.""

Thing is, if Ricky does want to stay here next year, he can't just come out and say so right now. There would have to be a lot of behind closed doors happenings and agreements to iron out before anything definitive can be said.

His reputation preceded his arrival to the CFL. He really rehabilitated nothing.

He didn't surprise me in the least. He is everything I read about.

I think he's very well spoken and professional. Sometimes he can be "weird" but c'mon... who isn't a little bit weird in their own way? I would seriously LOVE to see him play in the CFL. Especially with Pinball as his coach.

re nwo-he has been a class act and has done wonders for the cfl game. Ricky is that YOU :stuck_out_tongue: