Ricky Williams meet and greet!

I met Ricky over the weekend, and he is a special person. I got a chance to finally meet in person as a player in the CFL. I have met him on other occasions.

He tells me enjoys the Toronto area so much, he is planning on building a home in area outside the city.

He tells me thinks Pinball is the greatest human being, he has ever gotten a chance to known. And now calls him one of his best friends.

Ricky is thinking hard about returning to play in the CFL, and hinted a 4-5 year career outside the 2006 season is probably a 75% chance of happening.

The CFL is such a surprise to him, and he is learning more about the history of the game, the league and all of it's members. He has studied the league going back to almost 90 years.

He knows quite a bit know, and good probably challenge any historian.

Since his injury, he feels that it's a blessing in disguise because it gave him a chance to learn about the game more, and told me how difficult it is to adjust to the CFL game.

He calls Damon Allen as one of the finest players he has ever known, and sees Damon as being a top pro coach in the near future. He says his knowledge of the game is simply amazing and calls Damon a true legend!

He is teaching in the area, and fines the people of Toronto very supportive, and thinks this is a place he can call home for ever!

Ricky beleives now that his suspension has changed his life, and feels the CFL is the best thing that has ever happened to him after the birth of his children.

He though Regina was a interested road city, and thinks the fans in Regina were tremendous and possibly the best road fans he has ever seen.

I read all this in the same article you got your info from... good read eh?

It was really nice not having any of this garbage on the thread board the past few days.

Yeah McMahon, Ricky is a great guy.

Do you have a Link..

McMahon's Breaking News Interview

How long can you really see Williams staying in the CFL? I believe he owes Miami at least 8 million dollars. Why would he stay here after his suspension when he would be making the big bucks in the states?

It's funny that he calls Pinball pinner, which is what potheads call a small joint.


He does seem like an interesting guy, kind of lost for a while and now finding himself in some way, maybe. I guess it's a testament to what I like about the CFL - fewer pretensions and guys who are in it because they love playing, not for the money or the celebrity.

On an unrelated note, funny that Coach Clemons needs a nickname for his nickname.


Nice guy or not he's still a bit whacked out.

"I was thinking it wouldn't be bad to come back up here and kind of follow the same steps as Pinner -- play here a couple years and maybe get a chance to coach up here," Williams told the National Post on Wednesday.

A couple of years?
Try a dozen or so Ricky.

Please somebody tell me I'm not the only that remembers a user on the old ticats message board (97-?)
named Micheal Mahon that used to post similiar BIG NEWS items?

McMahon =
Micheal Mahon

Williams cannot play for the Argos beyond this year even if he wanted to. Contractually (and ethically) he must return to the Dolphins for next season. That's the deal that everyone from the two Argo owners to the Dolphins and Ricky signed off on. However, there's a great deal of speculation that he may return to the CFL after he fulfills his obligation to Miami. Since joining the Argos, he's moved his family here, lives in mid-town Toronto, teaches yoga at a downtown studio, and basically enjoys hanging out around town. He chose to take his hyperbaric chamber sessions in Canada (London) and not return to the U.S. for them. I think he enjoys living here.

An Argo fan

He can if he gets caught with anymore junk in his system.

Now that's an "out" I hadn't considered. :twisted:

An Argo fan

That would be really cool to have Ricky live in Canada.

Personally I think once the buzz wears off he'll realize that that's a MAPLE Leaf on our flag and NOT a pot leaf and he'll be heading back to the good ole USA