Ricky Williams making excuses!

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The reasons why Ricky Williams hasn't set the Canadian Football League on fire are as simple as 1-2-3, he said yesterday.

Williams -- who is under a one-season suspension with the NFL Miami Dolphins after he tested positive for a banned substance for the third time -- said that three-down football as played in Canada is not a game where a running back can be a star, especially on a Argonauts team that emphasizes passing.

Williams said a running back coming from the NFL can't be expected to have the same impact in the CFL as he would have in a game with four downs.

"It's marginal what a running back can do in this game," he said. "It's not a running league."

And he said that the Argonauts offence has keyed on getting the ball into the hands of receivers.

"We are not a running team," he said. "We haven't had a running back rush for a 100 yards yet this season."


Answering a question about why he hasn't turned out to be the premier running back fans thought they were getting when he signed his one-year deal with the Argos, Williams insisted he never thought he would be a star in the CFL game.

"That's all in people's imagination," he said at the Argos final workout before today's game at Rogers Centre against the Calgary Stampeders. "There is no reality in that."

Williams -- who had his best game of an injury-shortened season last week against the Calgary Stampeders -- said he didn't like being compared to Calgary's Joffrey Reynolds, who is considered the best back in the league.

"I'm not in competition with any other back in the league," he said. "It's a team game."

Besides, he said, with just three downs to move the sticks most CFL teams hardly make use of the running game.

"In this league the running game doesn't translate into winning," Williams said. "The teams in this league that are winning are the ones with the best receivers and the best quarterbacks."

umm.....Joffery Reynolds, Sir Charles, Robert Edwards, Joe Smith, HELL, even John Avery have had success. Ricky needs to stop making excuses!

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Being the other guy is just part of living Joffrey Reynolds' life. By now, the leading rusher in the Canadian Football League is used to it.

He grew up and learned to run in a Friday Night Lights town called Tyler, Texas, home of the celebrated Earl Campbell. No matter what he did, it was never enough.

He went on to star at the University of Houston, ran for 1,600 yards as a senior, scored 13 touchdowns, had a monster 310-yard game against East Carolina. That didn't get him drafted, didn't even get him invited to the NFL Scouting Combine in 2003.

Instead, he signed on with the St. Louis Rams with the hopes of playing running back. They had Marshall Faulk. He had no hope.

Reynolds got cut and signed on with the New York Giants. They had Tiki Barber. Again no hope and eventually no job.

"I was kind of frustrated with football. I went home, figuring it was time to get a job, time for life after football," Reynolds said on the telephone. In between job interviews, the Calgary Stampeders called. The rest is almost history.

If Joffrey Reynolds had played in the high school band, his instrument would have been second fiddle. He may be the best player in the CFL -- along with Charles Roberts and Geroy Simon -- but hardly anyone notices. Last week came the return of Ricky Williams and the trumpets blared off key. This weekend, it's Hall of Fame inductions in Hamilton. With Reynolds, there's always something between him and the headlines.

Last Saturday night, he played against Williams for the first time and left the former Pro-Bowler in his dust. Just the way Charles Roberts did earlier. The little guys from nowhere outperforming the big name from the Miami Dolphins.

Ricky Williams was supposed be make the Argos more explosive, more popular, more dangerous. Remember that? Only none of it has happened.

Ricky was supposed to run for one thousand or two thousand, three thousand yards -- heck, the old CFL quarterback Sean Salisbury predicted on radio that he would run for 4,000 yards.

You name it, he was supposed to run for it. Instead, the Argos trip over themselves, altering their offence and Ricky looks unsuited for the CFL game and this CFL team.


"Guys at home wouldn't believe this," said Reynolds, almost with an uncomfortable laugh. They wouldn't believe what Reynolds is doing, and wouldn't believe how ordinary the Heisman Trophy winner, collegiate and NFL rushing champ and yes, legend, looks playing a different game in a different land.

On average, every time Reynolds carries the ball he runs for two more yards than does Williams. That's 50% more production on every single carry.

What an indictment of the Argos offence that is and what revealing number for the prolific Reynolds to celebrate.

In 14 games, he has run and caught footballs for 1,580 yards of total offence -- 112 yards per game.

In precisely half the number of games, Williams has managed just 371 yards of offence -- 53 yards a game. Half the number of games. Less than half the offence in each of them.

The comparisons, apparent or not, make Reynolds a little queasy.

He knows who Ricky Williams is, what he has done, and is well aware that he never even got to carry the ball once in the NFL. He lives with that. And he just might be the largest Williams fan in all of Canada. Lives with that, too.

"Ricky Williams is a legend in Texas, I mean a real legend," said Reynolds, who blames the Argos offensive scheme and offensive line -- and not Williams for his lack of success.

The two have never met. Reynolds would like to change that. He wouldn't mind an autograph but more than that, would rather just shake hands with the mythical one post-game tomorrow night at Rogers Centre.

"I enjoy watching him play," Reynolds said. "I always have. He runs hard, tough. He's tough to bring down. You watch, it's going to happen for him."

He just hopes it doesn't start tomorrow night, CFL time.

Insert KK's facemask comment in three.....two.....one.....

.....add Keith to that list, drumkit.....I agree - there should be no excuses.....

Ricky is playing here only one year, I would say he needs another season or two, with a better Oline to really see how good of a running back he can be in this league.

a better o-line?....its the same o-line that got John Avery nearly 100 yards rushin in every game avery played this season....a number ricky hasnt come close to.

williams is frustrated he's not up to CFL standards.

.....or he's not as good in this league as he thought he would be.....

Edit: Now this is redundant since you edited yours, drumkit..... :lol:

How many yards do you think Ricky would have if he played for the Riders or Als? I believe his numbers would be better, the Argo Oline is one the worst in the league.

avery had:
-74 yards rushing and 105 total yards in week 9

-had 94 yards rushing week 10

-90 yards rushing week 11

numbers ricky cant come close to without triple the carries of avery.

a better o-line?....its the same o-line that got John Avery nearly 100 yards rushin in every game avery played this season....a number ricky hasnt come close to.
I think Ricky hit 97 yards rushing in two games this season...

He's done ok, but the first tackler has got him down too often for a premier CFL RB...He's got the big shoulders to shrug off tacklers, but not quick enough feet.

the NFL reminds me of the NHL at its least entertaining...with the big guys with no skill or speed. size was all that mattered.

CFL is the NHL at its best, where skilled players with speed are allowed to show thier stuff.

Ricky does have a point.. this is a passing league.

His offensive line has done a horrible job just about all season long.

Excuses.....Thats what I bet a large portion of Dolphins fans are making right now. Ricky has handled things well, and realizes that the CFL is a tough league to play in. The NFL fans though, they probably have a zillion excuses why Ricky hasn't tore our league apart. I remember a large portion of NFL (Ricky) fans saying that he could destroy any CFL defense around.

Didn't seem to matter how many touches he got, or what kind of offensive line he had because he would just run right through everyone for a TD 3 or 4 times a game right?

That hasn't happened.....so the excuses I'm sure would flow from the mouthes of the NFL meatheads that were sure he would be unstoppable. (Even with a poor O-Line)

Ricky has been well spoken and respectable when it comes to things so far though, and I give him full marks for that.

RW is funny! The other running backs in this league seem to have no problem! So really why has he not adapted to the league! Seems like he fits in with the Toronto media types. The world revolves around him! Ha ha ha RW there is a clown position openning up at McDonalds! Oh ya thats right it is not like the circus clown you might fail there too.

All I've seen written on here is the blaming of the O-Line for William's lack of talent.

He had no O-Line to speak of in Miami:
A running back's job IS to FIND holes when they aren't there:
Stastically the CFL runs the ball almost as much as the nfl because the nfl punts the ball away practically every 4th down:
Willaims is NOT a side to side runner and can't be when the linemen and linebackers are slimmer and faster then their counterparts down south:

The cold..hard..truth: Willaims (nice guy or not) is (at best) an average back in this league, and if he stays up north won't attain star status until probably after three more seasons.

You cant win
If he had a great season....Its a bush league
He has a bad season......It the fault of the game

RIGHT ON :thup:

Ricky's conditioning looks a little short right now to me...which is probably understandable because he couldn't run for much of the time he was out.
If the Argos had a big fullback that could block, somebody like Millington in his prime to let him turn the corner he could be a lot more effective, but they'll have to make do with what they've got.
That ankle injury to Williams prevented the Argos from doing what they would have done late in the 4th quarter. Two tight ends and another lineman in at fullback and run Ricky down the Stamps throat...and they wouldn't have had Johnson's fumble that almost let Calgary come back to win.
But calgary is a good team and I think they will win the West this year.

With if and a shovel you can dig a hole.

Ricky is just another example of an NFL star who is nothing more than average in the CFL

Ro I agree he is another guy that came up here under estimating the guys playing in this league and the game itself. :lol:

Alright, it's time to introduce my thread from the Ticat Chat forum. Before the season, I tried to predict the Top 10 Excuses people would have when Ricky failed to burn up the league.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=6144]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?name=PNphpB ... pic&t=6144[/url]

So far the list (since expanded) reads as follows:

11. The Argos offensive line was incapable of opening holes for Ricky.

10. Everyone in the league was gunning for Ricky and Ricky alone, making it impossible to succeed

9. He couldn't excel when forced to use the CFL's inferior equipment/playing surfaces/training staff

8. His teammates were jealous of all the attention he was getting and refused to block for him

7. Part of the Argos' secret deal with Miami was to limit his carries per game

6. Ricky couldn't resist the superior Canadian weed and lax attitude toward enforcement (just like I couldn't resist a little cheap shot)

5. The CFL was not serious about giving him a chance. They wanted him to fail so that they could claim their league was just as good.

4.(a) Everyone was taking cheap shots at him, so he had to ease up to avoid injury

4.(b) Everyone was taking cheap shots at him, so he had to play most of the season with nagging injuries

3. The CFL is a pass-happy league, and the Argos couldn't adjust their game plan to take advantage of Ricky's greatness

2. The Argos burned him out early by using him too much at the start of the season

1. Does anyone seriously believe he was actually trying? This was just another exercise class for him! He's saving himself for when it really matters.

After reading that article, I need to add a #12:
Apparently unlike the other RBs in the CFL, Ricky is playing in a 3-down league.