Ricky Williams likes CFL fans, nice stuff, dead on!!

"“One thing I've taken from this experience so far is that Canadian football fans are, in my opinion, better than NFL fans,? Williams said. “NFL fans, it's about TV, money, and up here it's about the love of the game. There's about 28,000 to 30,000 fans at each game. But they want to be there, they're having a good time so that's a good feeling as a football player.?

Globe & Mail

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Ricky Williams could be the first of many NFL players coming to the CFL.

Not because of failed drug tests though, because money isn't all that matters to them...and they want be able to live their lives.

IT could be very good for the league, especially in cities where the NFL is big, like Toronto and Vancouver.

Everytime He Says Something In The Press He Impresses Me More And More. I Really Hope He Gets A Chance To Shine In The Next Few Weeks. It's Really A Shame That He's Been So Injury Prone.

I agree, Im actually starting to like Ricky 8)

Yes...same goes for me,bleedgreen.. to bad I have to cheer against him....Go Ricky, except for when you play me Bombers..

I have nothing but respect for this guy… I honestly hope he has a good game next week (even at our expense) because he’s a class guy and a good player who’s been taking a LOT of flak lately. A couple good games would solve that problem.

I can honestly say i never liked the idea of the guy playing in TO for the CFL. And i was more then happy when he was held to under 15 yards ealry on in the season against the blue and gold. But those are some class words by him and just moved up the respect chain with alot of us.

I didn't agree with Ricky Williams being allowed to play up here, but I never personally disliked the guy. He has a laidback personality different from some athletes who are childish, quick-to-anger dickheads. Some athletes today are even worse.

Don't hold your breath

Pass the Crow.

I too didn't think much about him comming up here. I thought he was just a money grabbing, pot smoking, spoilled brat. But the more he speaks, the more I'm warming up to the guy.

I hope its comming straight from HIS heart and not some PR consultant.

I hope your right, we need better QBs and fast!

I hope they when they come, they make the close games and OTs go up! I'm tried of blow outs.

I have never liked Ricky Williams. But a comment like that makes me like him.

I'm staring to like him too.

Nice to hear that coming from RW, I think the CFL just gained some major respect.

it's nice, but RW is full of it sometimes, so I wouldn't take what he says too seriously.