ricky williams is punking the argos, they hyped it as the messiah or the pope returning to the vatican, this is a joke, dude is making $250,000 and is partying in vegas during the season. The CFL is a joke, roebert baker retires to be a rapper, the argos are desperate for a 40-year old college football broadcaster to play QB. Also what happened to ricky williams speaking to kids abotu not using drugs? i have many young kdis in my family who have never seen him talk about drug use, or help out in the community, so its obvious that the argos have lied to the public again.

[url=http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/OtherSports/2006/08/21/1767594-sun.html]http://www.edmontonsun.com/Sports/Other ... 4-sun.html[/url]

Get a life bud.

There are NFL forums at ESPN.com. Go there.

but according to you cfl fans, ricky williams is in the cfl, so this is a cfl issue. also i aint your bud, i dont
even know you.


What's your beef with the CFL?

You want some washed up pot head to talk to your kids about not using drugs?

And what do you mean “according to you cfl fans”. Have you not read the dozens of posts bashing Ricky Williams? I can’t speak for everyone but i never wanted him here, i’m glad that he failed, and i will be happy when he moves back to the NFL and you have to eat your words.

pshh who cares, he can do whatever he wants, i'd be mroe than gladly to light up a blunt with the guy, seems like a nice fella.

Ricky was with the Argos at their bench Saturday night for the Montreal game. He did a lot of tossing a football back and forth from one hand to the other, to help strengthen the wrist I presume.
But if the Argos gave him the time off through the week that's their business.

Of course the NFL only lets angels play. I guess the CFL is a horrible disgrace of league that allows a man who smokes marijuana, something that canada is considering legalizing, play. Of course we should look up to the NFL, who allows murderers, thieves, rapists, a running back who tried to set up his own drug ring, and not to mention the countless #'s of players charged with spousal abuse play. Geez, the CFL is a disgrace.

For a guy who hates the CFL, you sure spend a lot of time on its website. I see you've been averaging nearly 10 posts per day.

Perhaps it's time to take up a new hobby. Is there anything you like? Maybe let us know and I'm sure someone can suggest a relevant website that you can switch to.

Surely you can't be getting much satisfaction out of simply trolling a fan website for the sole purpose of annoying people who happen to enjoy the CFL. Because that would be anti-social behaviour.

Once again, RW makes a fool of himself! Good riddance to him when the season is over.

Ricky Williams is not in Las Vegas, he is in Toronto.

I will be meeting with him on Friday, and he has been rehabbing downtown Toronto, as well he was at practice running for the past 3 days.

Thank you


ricky williams has 5 children with 4 different women, and doesn't wanna pay child support you call this a role model? robert baker sold coke in college, john avery is a thug who did many crimes in his past, you call these role models, these freaks are supposed to support the "stop violence movement"

He pays like 300K of child support a year.

The point was the % of losers in the NFL is much higher. and note that ricky williams has played more games in the NFL as well as the FACT that he will be welcomed with open arms by most NFL teams when he is done his suspension. The NFL will let him back, just like they do all the time.

I have a question for you McMahon.

You must know by know that everyone here knows you are full of it. What I want to know is, do you believe yourself?

i wonder if ricky williams would be a good back for the eskimos?

'Sup, Rawnotsorookieray?

Playmaker 88. You follow the NFL so you should realize how many NFL players arent role models either.

OJ Simpson ('nuf said)
Ray Carruth - Carolina Panters (murdered pregnant gf)
Ray Lewis - Baltimore Ravens (charged on Jan 31 with slaying of 2 people -- charges eventually dropped - charged with obstruction instead)

You're so right. The NFL is superior.

The problem is Americans like playmaker88 prefer murder to drugs. Hence the reason the insane war on drugs continues only to create more and more gangs and violence and shootings and death. What else would you expect from a bunch of hicks that would re-elect dubya?