Ricky WIlliams in the CFL??

Just heard it on the fan590 that the argos have negotiating rights to him. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Would be some exposure for the league.

Yeah he's a model citizen....I'll ad him to my Dream Team of Lawrence Phillips, Todd Marinovich(???) Dexter Manley :roll:

If they have good "smoke" in TO, then it could happen...

Too slow for our game I think at this point maybe.

Maybe Pinball can wear the dreadlock wig like Ditka :shock: :lol:

...get him a good supply of 'weed'...then let him fly....as long as he remembers which way to run...he could take the Argos on a real trip......just not to the Grey Cup....but then again.......................one never knows where a high flyer like Ricky could take you... 8) :shock:

It was said his last failed drug test wasn’t about marijuana. It would mean so much bad public relations for the league to scoop such a guy…

I don't know, it depends on what this was. Bad public relations for the league? Well, not a very good reason to prevent a guy from working here if he wants to and the Argos want him. Discriminating agains't someone because it might cause an image problem for the league is a very poor excuse to prevent someone with their life battles. Unless, as I say, the team doesn't want him, that's different.

I can not see that happening. The CFL has some drug policys in place maybe not as big as the NFL but he will not quit to play (he proved that in the NFL) and that is not what the league will support in any way

Earl. Please slap yourself. You mean you'd actually agree to a team hiring a known drug addict to become your kid's role model?

There's more to winning games. You have a social responsibility when you run a team/league. When I said it'd bring bad PR, I meant it would show the fans we don't really care who we showcase as a star and how that will affect the young viewers.

People, people, people. Everyone knows that the best place for Ricky Williams to go, should he come to the CFL, is B.C. That way, he wouldn't have far to go to pick up his next half-quarter. :lol:

I'm pretty sure there is alot of palyers who like to drink.Do we hold it against them.NO.
If you guys think weed is worse the booze think again.
I don't drink or smoke weed.However you hear more abuse stories about boose than weed!!!THINK ABOUT IT!!!!

From an adult perspective, saskargo, you'd be correct. However, in my experience as an educator, I've seen more young intelligence go down the toilet because of pot smoking than I have from alcohol abuse - I've had very few students who actually show up to class drunk, but I have students who show up high on a daily basis. A person who condones abusing either drugs or alcohol - whether they are a pro athlete or otherwise - is not a person I want my children or students looking up to.

Tough call here. I'm split between giving someone a chance in life vs what Third & jm says about frying your mind with drugs and the bad message this gives our youth. I don't know but am leaning towards the later.

Just what the CFL does NOT need right now. After starting the season losing Ottawa yet AGAIN! Would bringing a player of his R.W’s caliber get the league attention? HELL YEAH! But is it the kind of attention it really needs? I don’t think so. Sure I think he is a good RB. Sure he does have talent. But why bring more negative attention to a league that most Americans already think is a JOKE / FARM LEAGUE to the NFL. If this league ever wants to be taken serious, it needs to grow up. It needs to stabalize the teams it has now. Make some of the past negative headlines disappear and make some good headlines. Such as teams making profit accross the board. Such as not being on TSN for having another team looking for a new owner. I do not think expansion is the key right now. I do not think signing troubled NFL rejects is a good idea. But that’s just me!

You are bang on jm02...my neighbour is a Counselor in a detox centre....Basically you quoted word for word...(Replace Educator with counsellor)

First of all .. pot is not a drug.

Secondly ... Ricky failed a substance test. But did not fail it for pot - it could be as simple as failing to report to a drug test on time. They have not disclosed what he failed for.

Thirdly ... anyone that thinks Ricky should not come to the CFL due to his past rep is an idiot ... There is no such thing as bad press.

Fourthly ... I doubt it would happen anyways.

Fifthly .. pot is not a drug. (did I already say that? har har)



  1. A substance used in the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of a disease or as a component of a medication.
  2. A substance, such as a narcotic or hallucinogen, that affects the central nervous system, causing changes in behavior and often addiction.

If pot is NOT a drug when what the hell is it?? Statik76, marijuana is a drug, and has been for as long as I can remember, and it is still ILLEGAL. Im not saying im a saint by any stretch, but the last thing the CFL needs is this kind of publicity. Reputations are made, and he has a bad rep, so I dont really know what the Argos are thinking, aside from the fact they want to replace Avery, but getting Williams is defenitely NOT the way to go.

bernie reuhoff (sp).......was run out of winnipeg for smokin dope back in the 70s and went on to have a fine career with the ticats........maybe ricky will turn up there.........