Pinball just announced it during the radio portion interview saying he will also be out for a while.

Here's the question I pose: if Ricky's gone for a while, will this mean the return of John Avery to the Argo lineup in time for the game vs. B.C. next week?

It has to, you have to have a potential break away runner like Avery.

use JEFF JOHNSON! he is better than both of them.

Jeff is more of a punishing fullback, while John is the slasher.
I think Avery will do well.

Maybe the Rider bench should have gotten a penalty because Ricky broke his arm on the Taylor turf :roll: After all he was injured on the play :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it's more like concrete, too late for Ricky as they are getting new field turf next year.

gonna be hard to roll a j with just one arm.

The Argos just got a whole lot better. Avery is better than Williams; and Johnson, unlike the other two, is actually GOOD.

Johnson is a great player, he should be used over the overrated Avery. (Prime was a few years ago with Eskies)

Too bad. Now Williams will have an excuse for his terrible season.

I'am not surprised, you can clearly see it on the replay. I can't believe they missed that break. Looks nasty. After seeing wynn get nailed i think ricky got lucky. I would love to take an insurance policy out on an Argos QB. That has to be the worst job in Canada right now. They need to just keep throwing deep and get rid of the ball fast.

i dont think his arm is broken, it looked like a bone fracture on the replay, his arm bent inwards and then he let off it. it didnt look like a direct snap. either way, he'll be out for a while.

it can be done, but hes more than welcome to borrow my 4ft tall waterbong, i've got 4 hoses comming out fo the chamber, that things a beaut! 8)

I was wondering what happened to Avery?

As a casual CFL fan being in the U.S. when Johnson came in I said to myself "I thought they had Avery in Toronto."

But if they can get Johnson to hold onto the ball better I'd say go with him. He hit the holes hard & fast & exploded through the line.

But I haven't seen Avery run in 2 years either.

On Ricky CBS Sportsline already had posted Ricky broke his arm before this site had anything on it.

Why no further information on Wynn?

i always knew ( and i'm sure i posted this when ricky was still a rumor ) the dolphins should make it clear:
ricky doesnt play in saskatchewan or the Big O.

if he was to get hurt, it would likely happen in those places...and it did.

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You laugh when a player breaks his arm? Now there's class..... :roll:

I, for one, wish him a speedy recovery. Never like to see a player get hurt.....

I agree jm02, no matter who it is a player getting injured is not funny in the least, it is unfortunate. I hope Ricky gets back on the field as soon as possible.

edited for more stupidity, KK, watch you mouth!

I find it disturbing that you can take out your vengeance on others by laughing at the misfortunes of one person. That's extremely petty.