Ricky Williams fails another drug test!


His NFL options may have finally run out. Wonder if the Argos would welcome him back?

thats a shame. Good thing the CFL doesn't have a ridiculous drug policy on marijuana! Sure hope he decides to return to continue playing in the CFL ...


if he's suspended in the NFL, he is not allowed to play in the CFL anymore.

i think the CFL should take under consideration what reason the player is suspended.

smoking weed is a dumb reason to not be allowed to play here, IMO.

thats terrible! Thankfully my team doesn't have a ridiculous-suspended-in-another-league policy ...


huh?...its a league policy now.
no CFL team can sign a player suspended in another league.

Sorry DG .. I should have better explained my sarcastic remark .. I mean - Thankfully my team (Calgary Gators) and my league (AFL) does not have a ridiculous suspended-in-another-league policy .. suggesting that Ricky is more than welcome to come and run the ball for us if he cant in the NFL/CFL.

its a shame that the CFL would turn away a player like Mr Williams due to being suspended in another league. Especially with the number of current CFL players that are smokin the herb ..


last year the argos kept saying, ' ricky didnt smoke weed, it was some herbal drink from his yoga training'.

i dont think they can get away with that excuse this year, even if they could bring him in.

especially with the argos being community role-models, ricky cant go in schools now preaching 'no drugs', after being busted again.

last year people gave him the benifit of the doubt..i dont think he'd get that this time.

Then what is the point of the policy?
Why have a rule saying "You cant sign a suspended player".....but its OK if he is suspended for A,B or C

if a player is suspended in the NFL for reasons the CFL would suspend one of its players for, then he shouldnt be allowed to play here.

but, if the player is suspended in another league for something the CFL doesnt suspend its players for ( smoking dope for example )then theres a grey area.

im just saying, the argument can be made.

Did he Not Sign a 1 year + an Option?

Remember Players in Option years try the NFL.
so Maybe the Argo have a Chance..

The NFL Could Reinstate him in Sept.
I think the Dolphins will Cut him now Before Sept.
Save them Some Cap Room.

Then Ricky would Have to Come back to The CFL
Cause He Under Contract..

The Argo Could then Sign him to Longer Deal..

For course if was only a 1 year deal no Option
There Screwed..

ricky's option year was already picked up by the dolphins before the argos even signed him.

the dolphins now own rickys rights, not the argos.

Right but if he is Cut they Revert back to Toronto..
Miami Did Draft Florida State RB Lorenzo Booker
so they may Just Try save the Cap Room and Cut Him

Seems kinda harsh to deny the guy a chance to earn a living, when so many others can do it and it doesn't affect them in their profession.

he's already earned his living!.. he's stinkin rich!

he doesn't need anymore money.

Actually, he pretty much blew all his money and owes quite a bit to Miami still

I'm not so sure about that.
I believe the Argos waved the option year in order for him to play. Had they not done so he would not have been able to sign because he would have been under contract for both teams this year.

i dont think the CFL waved the option and made a special contract just for him.... but the argos and cfl clairified with the dolphins that THEY ( the dolphins ) own his option year, and the argos and other cfl teams can't make claim to it, since it is technically already picked up by the dolphins.

this kills this topic:

Pelley said in the off-season the CFL's board of governors passed a code of conduct policy preventing its teams from signing players under suspension by other leagues, including the NFL.

"I can definitively say Ricky Williams will not be in the CFL this season," Pelley said.

What I don't get is.... He knew the consequences, he knew what would happen if he tested positive......I thought he was a well spoken young man, but obviously he had me fooled. Why would you risk all that to smoke a few joints? :roll: :roll: :roll:

I don't get it either. And isn't weed not supposed to be physically addictive anyway? As in, you don't NEED another joint like a heroine addict would NEED another hit?