Ricky Williams explains why he wants to stay in CFL**

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Suspended Dolphins RB Ricky Williams said that he would consider returning to the CFL next season but that he hasn't made up his mind yet as to whether he would apply for reinstatement to the NFL.

Williams, who is serving a one-year suspension from the NFL for violating the league's substance-abuse policy for the fourth time, is under contract to the Dolphins through the 2008 season.

"I'll have to talk with my family and Coach [Nick] Saban to really see what the best decision is for me," Williams told USA Today. "As of right now, it doesn't exist. Nothing does, except today.

"I could die tonight."

Saban said Monday that he would continue to support Williams in his endeavors, but right now he's focused on the players he is coaching this season.

"Ricky said that [not me]," Saban said of Williams' desire to play in the CFL in 2007. "I will address [Ricky's situation] at the [proper] time."

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Maybe Ricky actually likes Canada and/or maybe the Dolphins don't see him in their future plans. Who knows.

the dolphins are SO bad, even adding ricky williams isnt gonna make them a winner.

if they bring ricky back while they are a crappy team, ricky will play the one season he owes them and never return...

whereas, if they let him play in toronto another year, they still own him...so when they start getting good again ( maybe '08 ), they can bring ricky back then and put themselves over the top.

its all about asset managemant.

This almost doesn't surprise me... He has had a VERY positive veiw of his situation up here... and frankly I think he likes being more of 'one of the guys' than Ricky Williams The B all end all of an organization.. I think drummer is correct saying if he goes back to a medioker team he may retire for good ... or take up some habbits to cope with being the 'mail carrier' soo often.
Up here he needs to use a whole different skill set, although it is very much similar i think he likes the challenge the game offers him.

Up here he needs to use a whole different skill set, although it is very much similar i think he likes the challenge the game offers him

Good take eye.

and maybe he's gotten a hold of some BC Bud, and knows he'd get screwed if he tried to go back.

I think hwgill is on to something - I would bet that Ricky likes the fact that Canada is a more forgiving society than the U.S. We all know of Ricky's history with lighting up a doobie or two. Maybe he likes the fact that he can do that here and if he were to get caught with a couple of spleefs, the cops would give him the stern finger wag, instead of getting five years in the joint.

yes...cuz cops here dont care if u smoke weed, but fail to signal while driving will end u in jail!

I think that Financially, Ricky has to go back to the Dolphins. It would appear that he loves the CFL, i wouldnt might him sticking around, but i dont think he can finacially do it.

Failing to signal won't get you in jail, assaulting a police officer will, howevr.

It would not surprise me a bit to see Ricky stay up here for another season. The NFL season doesnt really start until September, and Ricky would not need to attend the Dolphins TC , he would already be in game shape. You might even see the Dolphins draft a RB next year. Ricky may owe them one more year, but seems to me he wore out his welcome there a long time ago...

You know what, I think that most of us real CFL fans now can say, even though some of us had harsh words for him before maybe and of course we all still want to beat him/Argos when we play them - that Ricky is a CFL'er now, he can't go back, we would miss him here. Can I go so far as to say this folks?



It's not a given that Ricky Williams will go back to the NFL next season. According to the former Miami Dolphins running back, a return to the CFL in 2007 isn't out of the question.

"If I came back here, you can put me anywhere," he tells USA Today. "Up here, I can play offense, defense, special teams. I can do everything. I can block, play tight end, running back, receiver — even play the line.

"The NFL is so structured — 'You do this.' Here I can do so much."

Williams, who's first season with the Toronto Argonauts has been marred by injury, is under contract to the Dolphins through 2008 and says he would need their approval to return to the CFL for a second season.

"I'll have to talk with my family and (Dolphins) Coach (Nick) Saban to really see what the best decision is for me.

"Honestly, this season probably has been the most fun I've had playing since I've been in pro football."

Saban says he hasn't considered Williams' future with the Dolphins beyond this season.

"I support the players I'm coaching and I'll continue to support Ricky," Saban tells the Sun-Sentinel newspaper. "I will address (Ricky's situation) at the (proper) time."

Williams is currently serving a one-year suspension from the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy for a fourth time. He would have to apply for reinstatement before returning to the Dolphins.

Isn't that what Doug Flutie said when he was in the CFL? That it put the fun back in the game? I guess it all comes down to how much money a player has and whether he can afford to play in the CFL. I know Ricky had to pay back his multi-million dollar signing bonus when he quit the Dolphins a couple of years back because of his "smoking habit" - don't know how much he has tucked away for his retirement. If he comes back, we can bet he is doin' OK in the finance dept.

IF he comes back, and I would love to see him stay, you would then see a different ball player than you saw this year. With a year under his belt in the CFL and the "star" status weakened he would relax and really start to shine. And if he wants to light up spiff once in a while who cares (-:

ricky says hes long past that phase of his life now.

What phase?

the smoking-up phase...i read a good article on this the other day...can't remember where tho.

he says after every game, fans ask him to smoke pot with them, and he says its funny, and in a different time, maybe he would, but hes in a diff. place in his life now, past that stage and he hopes people respect that.

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Although suspended running back Ricky Williams recently said he hasn't yet decided to apply for reinstatement into the NFL, his agent confirmed Tuesday that his client intends to honor his agreement and return to the Dolphins in 2007.

"Ricky promised the Dolphins that he'd return and the whole project of him signing with the Argonauts was predicated on him being released at the end of the year,'' said Leigh Steinberg, Williams' longtime agent. "Ricky is having a wonderful time in Canada; it's a less intrusive brand of football, but his status hasn't changed.'

Williams also said he would consider returning to the CFL in 2007 because, "this season probably has been the most fun I've had playing since I've been in pro football."

Steinberg said that Williams would be unable to return to the Argonauts next season because the two leagues run concurrently.

Despite missing several games with a broken forearm and gashed heel, Williams is eighth in rushing in the CFL with 526 yards on 109 carries. Williams and the Argonauts are preparing to play the Montreal Alouettes in the East Division playoff final Sunday for a berth in the Grey Cup.

Saban said Monday that he would deal with Williams' situation when the time was appropriate.

"Ricky is leading a very healthy lifestyle. He loves the city and organization,'' Steinberg said. "The only way his status could be modified or changed would have to be in conjunction with the Dolphins. Ricky's sense of appreciation to Nick Saban is exceptionally high.''

Steinberg added that he has worked out a book deal with Williams and author Michael D'Orso.

He obviously is going back the the NFL then. He has to pass those drug tests!