Ricky Williams back next argo game?

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Toronto Argonauts running back Ricky Williams plans to rejoin teammates on the practice field following their upcoming bye week with hopes of returning to the lineup against the Calgary Stampeders on Sept. 23, two months and a day after he broke his arm during a game in Regina.

The 29-year-old suspended National Football League player has been forced to the sidelines since that game, when he fractured the radius in his left forearm while trying to regain his balance on a running play against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Williams has remained in Canada during his time off and became a father again on Wednesday, when his fiancee gave birth to a girl in Toronto.

He denied getting the itch to play yesterday, even as he stood by in civilian clothes while the Argos prepared for today's meeting with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Rogers Centre.

"I don't itch, I don't get bored," he said. "I just try to live in the moment."

Williams was banished from the 2006 NFL season when he lost the appeal on his fourth failed drug test in the spring. He will be eligible to apply for reinstatement on April 26.

He will not, however, require the blessing of his NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, to resume playing in the Canadian Football League this fall.

"He is a Toronto Argonaut for the season, and when he was initially hurt, the Argos did consult with the Dolphins trainer," Williams' agent, Leigh Steinberg, said yesterday. "We do informally keep the Dolphins up to date on what's happening with Ricky, but it's the Argo doctors and training staff that are monitoring his situation."

There is a chance Williams could be used in tandem with running back John Avery (foot) when both return to health, potentially in time for the game in Calgary. Both players are on the injured list for today's game against Hamilton.

Toronto players are expected to get the week off after playing the Ticats.

"One of the reasons that we were comfortable making the commitment to Toronto in the first place was the value system of the owners and the front office and the coaching staff, in having a balanced approach towards life and treating the players well," Steinberg said. "So we're comfortable that they will make decisions based on the long-term interests of Ricky's health as well as their season."

Does anyone even care anymore?

not I... said the Rider fan!..

no one cares anymore he got banished in the CFL also its like he never came

dont hate,wait til next year ricky will dominate the run game in the cfl...then you'll be saying charles who...

He's under contract with the Dolphins..so not likely.

yeah, ricky still has a dept to pay off with the Dolphins, but he could intensionally fail another drug test to play up here again next season, if the CFL lets him that is.

BTW, that's a bad pic, RW is clearly grabing the facemask of the Rider.

i sure hope they ont start ricky when avery comes back. avery proved to be a much better cfl back. im glad hes regaining his old form this season

Ricky Williams has proven he can't play up here. Jeff Johnson and John Avery are both better than Williams. (Wait a minute...that's sounds like a direct quote of something I said before the season started!)

And you're actually right, Kanga, he is grabbing the face mask. When Williams played in the pre-season game in Hamilton, he had something like 5 carries for 7 yards, and on three of those carries he grabbed some cage. Not one penalty, though.

lets not forget tho, ricky was playing when the argos were still banged up, without damon, miles, soward, and the oline wasnt the same as it is today...and the argos were 65-35 pass, but with none of thier top recievers and with wynn at QB, the defences could concentrate soley on the ricky plays...now thier almost 50-50 pass/ run, and their pasing game is more effective, so defences have to respect the pass, and get fooled on the run.

if ricky comes back and STILL cannot get the job done, then he has no excuses and just isnt good enough for the CFL, and should stick to the lesser NFL, where he can dominate.

But when he was playing, he'd get the ball five times and get maybe 10 yards. Then they'd give the ball to Jeff Johnson three times and he'd get 25 yards. Johnson is better than Williams, but would lose his job to Ricky because he's Canadian and Williams is an NFL star.

I’m going to sound like RK “the broken record” for a sec, but that’s why they need to ban the Stiff arm.

and RW is a lucky Son of a Gun.

While I'm Extatic That Williams Is Coming Back I'm More Interested In The Injured NIPs. Eiban And Talbot, While Azzi's Doing A Great Job I Really Look Forward To Seeing Talbot In The Lineup, And I Got Eiban In My Pool So Im Lossing Points With Him Out Of The Lineup.

I hope that he comes back for the game in Calgary.. I'm interested to see him play up close and personal... and watch him get overshadowed by Reynolds.

:o :lol: :lol: :o :lol:

You’re kidding right???

I can’t believe what I just read. :lol:

chock up another one on the total

I wouldnt be making fun of Williams just yet, the thought of him and Avery in the backfield come playoff time is pretty frickin scary.

Yup Williams could rack up 15-20 yards

A hand full of games in an unfamiliar league, with no training camp hardly proves anything.