Ricky Williams at Argo Training Camp!

The Fan 590 is reporting, that Ricky Williams was at the Argos Training camp today, but just stood on his own watching, and didnt talk to anyone.

a report from The Fan 590, an all-sports station, that Williams and agent Leigh Steinberg were in Toronto.

The Argos statement said they would not comment further on the matter.

heres the Fan590's story:


Suspended NFL RB Ricky Williams is in Toronto the Prime Time Sports has learned.
Williams, is staying in town and has met with the Toronto Argonauts.
The Argonauts say that the Miami Dolphins have not granted them permission to
begin negotiations with Ricky pending resolution of the contractual situation.

The possible stumbling block is the player option on the 2nd year of Williams' potential contract.
CFL contracts have a player option built in for the second year and the Dolphins do not want to risk losing Williams for more time beyond next year.

well, here we go, let's see what he can do, and what will happen to the Argos and the leagues rep over this.

I listen to Wright interview on FAN 590 around 6pm....nobody confirmed Williams was in T.O....just rumors...so what's the point...

I just hope he crashes & burn like Quincy Carter !

As do I

.....times three.....

the point is he probably WAS there, and they are denying it because he still hasnt recieved permission from the dolphins to talk contract with the argos....and the CFL and the Argos dont want a 'tampering' lawsuit.

I forth that, hope both Smith and Williams get done like dinner, although I'd like to see Carter back, but on another team (CFL or NFL)

You know, all you guys, hoping Ricky, Quincy or any other guy who played in the NFL crash and burn in the CFL, are really pathetic, pro sports is business, business dictates you go with the money, the money is currently in the NFL, we'd all make the same decision, unless of course it affected our long term security. Would you clowns ahve the same sentiments for Jesse Palmer, probably not, why? because he's Canadain. I tell you what, petition the league, to get rid of all American players, and when you run out good talent, and you and the three guys you played high school football with, that can still walk get called up, then maybe you'll be happy, until then Xgamer, take your skateboard and do a couple olleys, ESPN might be looking for you, NOT!!

I personally wish all the best to anyone, anywhere who just wants to work and hope that if they do have or have had any drug problems and want to overcome these, that they are successful.
The only types I really have trouble wishing the best for are the murderers, rapists, theives and out and out criminals.

It's not about bashing US players, it's about NFL big heads coming here thinking they are kings for the year to go back to the NFL. CFL players play for the love of the game not just to get rich.

Yeah. I will always remember when Luke Fritz got three offers to tryout in the NFL and turned them down right away. "If I go there, I might get a job as a backup somewhere and I will always watch the games from the sidelines. Here, I can play. And that's what I want to do. Play."

I want them to crash and burn as well , because any of the NFLers that come up here think playing here is a cakewalk and they will be gods if they come up here. Unless you have forgotten about Vince Ferragamo,Billy Johnson and Jim Zorn. Ferragamo and Johnson , did they even play a full season? Zorn got into a couple of games, but did not set the league on fire. Carter also found out the hard way how professional the league can be. My guess is that Smith and Williams will find that out as well, there is no garauntee that they will become instant stars in this league.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=thestar/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1148593811947&call_pageid=968867503640&col=970081593064&t=TS_Home]http://www.thestar.com/NASApp/cs/Conten ... &t=TS_Home[/url]

The rumours swirled all day and into last night that suspended Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams and his agent Leigh Steinberg were in Toronto ready to sign a contract with the Argonauts.

A source close to the situation, who asked for anonymity, said “something is definitely going on, but I don’t know what.”

However, the Argo front office would neither deny nor confirm those reports, saying only what they have been repeating for the past two weeks — that they have not received permission from the Dolphins to even talk to Williams.

Argo president Keith Pelley did not return calls left with his office.

He did, however, issue an email through media director Beth Waldman yesterday stating the Argos do not have that waiver, emphasizing the word NOT in capital letters.

“At this time we will not comment further on this matter,” added Pelley’s email.

Should the Dolphins give their consent, the Argos will undoubtedly begin immediate discussions with Williams and Steinberg.

Aside from the financial considerations — it is believed the Argos and Steinberg have already discussed a contract in the $300,000 range — the club has stated all along that it wants a solid commitment from Williams that he has not only given up the use of marijuana, but he will urge youngsters to stay away from drugs.

Thanks for the compliment, but I passed on the skateboard to my 6 years old, and he's pretty good ! :wink:

Since you are a PATS fan, you might remember #45 Robert Edwards. He's in Montreal, and do I want him to crash & burn because he's an ex-NFL player ? NO !

Guys like Carter & Williams who have no heads/brains above their shoulders don't deserve to play up here & be welcomed with opened arms..

They are not "saviors" as far as I'm concerned !

I wish the same for all ex-NFL players that think the same way as Williams & Carter!

As for Jesse Palmer, a guy that asks 400 K without even throwing 1 football in the last 3-4 years, deserve the same treatment as "brainless" ex-NFL Players !

Oh...and MTL still has his CFL rights :wink:

If Palmer comes "crawling" back to the CFL, I hope Popp will play hardball with him !

I'm glad to see you reserve your animosity for guys with past troubles, as opposed to any American, but isn't life full of second chances? check out that link in the other post about NFL Refugees, if the league and teams want to give these guys another shot, so be it. Of course you do reserve the right to hope they fail, for whatever reason.

Why does nobody say these things about, Ricky Ray or Arlain Bruce. There are a whole lot of guys that have come to the CFL, with the hopes of making back in the NFL. Most of the leagues top tallent now are former NFLers.
There is another post about Warren Moon and Doug Flutie and how they were so great. They walked away from the CFL for the NFL, and the list goes on and on.
Don’t be to harsh on some, while criticizing others. Beleive me guy’s there are alot of pot smokers in the CFL.

i dont care if ricky smokes pot in his own time...he has never hurt anyone, or been charged with anything illegal....he says hes been clean for over a year and the test was a false alarm.

theres players in the CFL AND NFL who have worse things on thier criminal record than rickys ( which is blank ).

example...robert baker was sentanced 10 years for dealing cocaine. hebert was charged with beating his wife...yet theres big fuss over ricky smoking pot?...who cares.

noone cares that bob marley smoked pot...or the beatles, or jimmy hendrix, or whatever rock legend....why do we care when ricky does it?

We care, so the saying goes, because he is a pro athlete that others, kids, look up to for guidance.
Some believe this hogwash anyway. At one time, maybe, but no more, kids do what they do because of a lot more than what some athlete reportedly has done or doesn't do. My guess is those video games, the ones with the gangs and such, have more influence today than what any pro athlete could dream of having.

Video games?
Everyone has a choice in life.
To blame their problems on something or someone else is rediculous!!!

I'm just saying that video games probably influence kids more than pro athletes. Not that kids will go out and necessarily be gang members, but more in how they dress and walk and talk, to be cool. And shows also. In fact, pro athletes, as humans, are probably influenced also by these in their dress and mannerisms.
I think it is a joke that if the reason the NFL has a drug testing policy in that they think this will influence kids that "you get caught, you get suspended", not really, kids know in their own life they can smoke pot and whatever get away with it no problems, their parents will never find out. They know this.