Ricky Williams at Argo camp

The Fan 590 is reporting that Ricky Williams attended the Argo workout today, watching from the sidelines. They say that Ricky and his agent Steinberg met with Argo management last night, and are trying to work out an agreement on contract wordage to satisfy all parties, including Miami Dolphins.

im suprized he has not been signed yet.

They'll sign him and then tell the kids to say no to drugs!Something is screwy with that picture,huh?

rickys agent denys it, and says ricky is in cali.

Well according to Bob McCown on the Fan this afternoon Ricky has been in TO all week and his agent arrived yesterday however the issue with anything happening is that in the CFL a contract has to be one year and an option year and the option issue is the crutch that Miami has a problem with according to McCown. Because he is still under contract to Miami and if Ricky has an option with TO and chooses to stay there Miami has a problem with that.

My view is ,that the Ricky Williams that we will remember as the more important player in the long term years from nowis the Ricky Williams ,QB,that is trying out for our Ti-Cats!

We'll see,hope so. :thup:

They would never allow a player to tell kids to say no to drugs since beer is a drug and a major advertising component to any football team. And every corporation knows that the best way to get into a customers pocket is to get them drunk and senseless first, it's like taking candy from a baby.

As far as Ricky goes, ESPN has reported many times that Miami will only allow Ricky to leave if they get written asurance from Toronto that they'll release him in November after the season. I'm not sure if the Canadian media has reported that.

If there are talks going on they are definitely secret. To my knowledge, the Dolphins have still not given their blessing.

I guess the Canadian media is doing a crappy job of reporting since ESPN and many other networks have said the Dolphins have indeed given their blessing 2 weeks ago.

This was the last thing I read about the issue:


Not quite official yet according to TSN

And SLAM! (Sun papers) reports similarly:

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2006/05/09/1571675-cp.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 75-cp.html[/url]

Alcohol is technically not a drug. It's a toxin.


Whatever about the "drug" or "toxin" non-issues, its really sort of unethical for a League to pirate a suspended player from another like and friendly League.

Much as I like and admire Pinball as a man, player and coach, this is really over the line.

Ricky needs his butt burned for a year, the Argo's are way out of line in offering him employment by any ethical standard, and the Commissioner and BoG's are sitting on their collective butts, doing nothing...the CFLPA seems to be silent on the issue, but as a fan, I find it fairly disgusting...my opinion only!

I agree with you lifer and it does nothing for the kids in TO as far as role models are concerned.Plus the league has to step in if there is a contract signed.We definitely don't need other leagues pirating our players.It's bad enough to have that agreement with the NFL every year.

Lifter… why should he be denied the chance to make a living? We all make mistakes.

Good question. Should a player, under contract with another league who is suspended by that league for drug violations, be welcomed into the CFL?

I'm very interested in everyone's opinion on this issue.

Cheers, Bob.

Yes they should be given the opportunity providing that they are willing to be subjected to the type of drug testing that "Should be in Place" in the CFL and is willing to speak out against drugs especially in the Toronto locale with all of their drug related gang wars. My 2 centavos.

And Bob I would like to personally commend you on how you show up on the forum discussion boards. THANK YOU!!! This does make your fans (season ticket holders or the occasional buyer) feel that much closer to the organization. The thought of having other caretakers :>)) (owners) do the same to keep in touch with their fanbase is unrealistic.

And yes, with the changes your GSA has been making to the site has improved the feel of this new one. Still more kinks to be worked out but the fact that you/he/they are listening really helps. I've gone from 3 thumbs down to 2 and am now at 1/4-1/2 so that in itself is great progess in so short a period.

YES...the CFL will be showcased to those football fans who only watch NFL.

and when the rogers centre is rocking with the extra 5,000-10,000 NFL fans who are watching CFL for the first time because of ricky williams, your question will be answered....hopefuly those 5,000-10,000 NFL fans like the CFL brand and stick around for years to come.

The story from sports illustrated's web site is the same story ESPN broke 2 weeks ago.

As far as drug testing, I'd like to see steroid testing in place also and why is Ricky being singled out as a reason for testing, others have jumped to the CFL because of drug issues, the wizzinator Onterrio Smith among others.

My opinion...... Ricky Williams should NOT be welcomed into the CFL. There are moral and ethical standards that should be set and maintained.
Rusty25 indicates that Williams made a mistake. No, he didn't simply make a mistake, he violated rules that he knew were in place, rules that he had agreed to when he signed. And, he did it over and over. This is not a simple misdemeanour and should not be easily passed over.
It's the old slippery slope again. If this signing is allowed, what's next?

What I find really funny is that in this day and age with all of our modern and instant media, we can catch on TV almost imediately some war in Timbuktoo for jeepers sake, actually knowing if someone was spotted at a pro training camp sounds almost like "we think we've found a planet orbiting a star some 200 million light years away." Another example of the NOT Global Village that apparently exists.