Ricky Williams; 6 yards on 9 carries


....he definitely took a few losses ...Bombers 'd' seem to have Mr. Williams solved.... :wink:

If Toronto wants a running attack at all this year, they'll use Jeff Johnson more often. Sorry Ricky but running east to west and backwards doesn't work so well in the CFL, the quicker d-lineman, and linebackers will eventually catch you.

There's not doubt he's quick once he gets into the open but might he have a problem getting there? Have to wonder about his power. Haven't seen him drag a pile yet. Got to be something because this guy is a star. The O line sure was of no help.

Meanwhile, Avery is riding the pine...

This is lunacy. No one could run effectively with that Oline. Maybe next offseason Toronto will spend a little more on its lines instead of spending it all on glitz.

Only thing Johnson gives them is the ability to dress an American Linesman.

i agree...Sir Charles couldnt do squat behind the argo o-line.

You dont knwo what your talking about. Roberts has had his fair share of bad O-lines in the peg and put up numbers.

Roberts isnt an argo and never will be so another "What if" squashed.

watch the tape...ricky was tackled the second he touched the ball...the o-line let the bombers run right by them.

might as well paint them orange, cuz they look like pylons out there.

but argo fans shouldnt panic just yet...Damon 'Superman' Allen will be back to right the ship next game.

Yes the Argos Oline "let" our defense run right by them :lol:. Keep thinking that and what the Argos O-line didnt feel like letting the Lions or Ticats run right by them?

It just so happens they let the bombers defense run right by them I guess. :roll:

all these people who proclaimed Williams to break all the CFL rushing records and hit 3,000 yds rushing i’m sure are now hiding in the caves and pulled a disappearing act!


Why does such a premier back who is going to tear up the CFL need excuses?

Is he in game shape yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

give credit where credit is due. The Bomber DLine was ridiculous. Give Ricky a break … he’s gone up against the best defence in the league twice out of his 4 games. And he’s still the 3rd rushing leader in the league. (Tho probobly not after this week). And his # of carries is quite a bit less than some other backs. Either way - granted the oline in T.O. might not be stellar … but the Bomber defence IS stellar … all credit to the bomber D.


Let's admit it Ricky isn't even a star. People keep living in the past. It's been 2years since he even has been a starting running back in any league