Ricky Willams and Wynn Injured in 1st Half..

Crash, I recall reading a preseason article from a Miami-area paper that the Dolphins had at one point expressed their concern and wanted the Argos to sit Williams out of the Saskatchewan game precisely becuase of concerns about that artificial turf as part of the negotiations to bring Ricky to Canada.

A public-relations/legal mess for sure...

Oski Wee Wee,

Nice to see that most people have concern for the injured Argos.

I thought the hit was illegal on Wynn, but those types are subjectively viewed. I hope he's okay. Ricky's injury is at espn.com

TOFAN wrote:

I thought the hit was illegal on Wynn, but those types are subjectively viewed
Sorry TO, but if you watch the clip, Shultz was already on his way before Wynn spun back into him...it would have been a helmet to shoulder hit instead of a helmet to chin!

Let's just hope he's ok....I never like to see anyone (even an ARGO) get hurt.

he still lead with the helmet, making it illegal in my opinion.

How do you dive at someone WITHOUT leading with your helmet?
(unless you're Soward and have it stuck up your A**)
Would you prefer he aimed for his knees?
(aka Ed Philon)
It was legal....end of story!

He aimed to hit the guy with his helmet, instead of using parts of his shoulders. Hard to describe, but know it when I see it. It was an unfortunate blow to Wynn.

I say it was an illegal hit. Heck, the Ti-Cats have been penalized for MUCH less, repetedly.

Tough to call it a clean hit, even to an Argo. To Schultz's credit, he was there first one over to talk to Pinball after the game ending coach's handshake and was extremely concerned for Wynn's well being.

It was a legal hit. Just looked worse because his helmet went flying wiched caused his bare head to slam into the turf. A very hard hit but legal.
In saying that I hope him a speedy recovery.
I love to see hard hits like that but without a helmetless head go into the rockhard turf like they have in Sask.

Who cares!!! Williams was always overated here and now he is gone for a while, it is all part of the game!! Did Cotton get all written up about his finger--- just because Williams plays in pigtown it does not make him anything special. He is just another NFLer that cant play working mans football here not that overpaid and overblown crap down south!!!!!!

To be honest with you, I think that the Dolphins are breathing a sigh of relief that they have Ronnie Brown, instead of the erratic Ricky Williams. I think Miami should cut their losses and release Ricky once he comes back into the NFL.

I think it was a mistake for Ricky to play in the CFL. The NFL style of play is well more suited for him than the CFL, where the emphasis is more on the passing game than in the rushing game.

By coming into Toronto, Williams set a huge bullseye on the front of his chest. Everything he does will be under a microscope in Canada and the United States. He should have taken the year off like a man and wait for the 2007 NFL season.

I hope he does recover from his forearm injury, but I hope he has learned from the mistakes that he has made. Most likely, he won't and never will. Waste of talent.


Two RIders fined.