Ricky Willams and Wynn Injured in 1st Half..

Willams Injury was a Hand ..
Wynn got Killed on a Sack...
Lost his Helment and was Driven in the Turf

I wouldn't say "killed" Tom...technically as of this moment, but it was a hellacious hit by two Riders on Wynn! I am very concerned.

The league HAS to deal with head shots (helmet to helmet), as Greg Frers indicated on the halftime panel. The Quinn hit in Winnipeg and now this -- you would think the league would have a standard disciplinary policy in place.

As noted by Elliotte Friedman, the Saskatchewan cheerleaders were on the field in front of the fallen Wynn dancing at one point. Bizzare and callous. Whoever runs that cheer team (assuming that person made that decision to dance) should be ashamed of herself/himself.

P.S. Wynn has been taken to hospital by ambulance accompanied by paramedics. My best wishes to him.

Oski Wee Wee,

Welcome to the world of modern sports entertainment.

Like it or not, the job of the cheerleaders, hot dog cannon guy, video board operator, music guy, etc. is to ensure that there is never a dull moment for the in-stadium crowd. The sight of a guy lying on the field in agony or, even worse, out of it, for ten minutes, which for many of us is a reminder of the nature of the game and price the players pay, likely doesn't fit into the modern sports entertainment ethos. (Until, of course, a few seconds of it are packaged with some brassy NFL Films-type music and played in the build up to a big game).

Wait... I think I have a point to make here... this has been a recurring criticism in recent years but you probably shouldn't blame the head cheerleader or the music guy for doing their jobs the way they're instructed to do them. I'd guess it's the organization that dictates the way these moments are handled. Then again, I don't really know that, so...

Must agree with Section8...

If you are going to allow players to do their "happy sack dances", "spike the ball", Wpg's so-called "jazz routine" after scoring; none of which are sportsman-like, either!

But you are right, the fans come to be entertained. The League's jury is out, as is my own, on whether this was an illegal hit, but my initial reaction is "no", and I doubt that ant Saskatchewan player would go to "intentionally injure" anyone...this is not to say that there are not, or have not been, other players that WOULD take such a shot...here in Hamilton, there's still a lot of doubt about the "sainted" Angelo Mosca, for an instance that still causes heavy debate...

But I don't think I blame the Cheerleaders or the "College Nine" or whoever at Taylor/Mosaic Field for giving the sellout crowd something to watch other than an injured guy ...

My thoughts only, and I've been wrong before...

I wonder if Wynn should of had his helmet done up tighter . Maybe he undid it thinking they would down the ball with only 6 seconds left inthe half .All i know is he should of had it done up alot better than he did .

I have watched the Bud Bowl religiously since its inception, so I get it. That being said...

Having a line of cheerleaders and kids dancing within 15 yards of a guy being helped onto a stretcher by paramedics with an ambulance on the field IS NOT modern sports entertainment, it's bizarre and callous.

The NFL, to my knowledge, have NEVER allowed cheer teams to go in front of a seriously injured player in such a situation and dance. If anything, players get around in a circle and pray. If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance.

Dancing on the sideline after a few minutes? Not tasteful either, but could be justified by some, I suppose. That IS the NFL m.o. as a rule.

As for the other scenarios you mention, Lifer, they are in-game, spontaneous celebrations. Not of the same magnitude.

Oski Wee Wee,

A fifteen minute exhibition by Jerry Rice is spontaneous?

disclaimer: I have not watched too many NFL games, and know very few of the players

The tsn.ca website reports that Ricky Williams fractured his left forearm and Spergon Wynn sustained a head injury in the Argo game against the Roughriders tonight.

Ck the hit out here !


Thanks for the link, I didn't get to see the game as it was blacked out. It doesn't look like he got real hard ieDickenson hit by Mitchell but it looked like the helmet came off real easy.

Not saying it's the right thing to do - I agree that it shows a lack of respect, at best. I didn't see the incident tonight, but it has happened several times in the CFL in recent years, and I've also seen it at NBA games.

My point was that the criticism should be directed at the people that run the teams, and then the league office, not the head cheerleader. Even if she does decide when and where her girls dance, which I doubt, the fact that this isn't an isolated incident is an indication it's directed by the organizations and allowed by the league.

The US Media is going to be all over this Williams injury, you watch... something about the turf in Sask being old and being the reason he's hurt... potential lawsuits lol.

I hope Wynn is ok. I know hes an argo and all, but as someone who has been carted off a field with a football injury and taken to a hospital i wish him luck. His neck was likea piece of spaghetti

how did I know that Williams would not play the whole season due to an injury...I said it as soon as he signed that he would not play the whole year, and had a gut feeling that he would get hurt, all I can do is laugh at the argo's for gambling on him, and shoving avery aside...I can't wait to hear the Miami Dolphins response to this! haha :lol:

i wasnt watchen when ricky got hurt, how bad is it?

His forearm seemed to flex when he hit the turf with all his weight on the one arm.

Looked bad.

Rogers Sports net reported Ricky Williams broke his forearm, and Wynn is ok with, maybe, a minor concussion if that.

The paper today (Sunday) reports that Wynn actually returned to the stadium before the end of the game--no concussion according to team sources. Flutie may be here yet.

An Argo fan

broken jaw, i beleive.

the real question (about ricky williams however) is... will the argos really miss him?

I would agree that whoever was responsible for making that decision is the person who ought to be blasted for this. Even the average proverbial banjo-picking inbred of lore would exercise better judgement than that. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

P.S. I wish Spurgeon Wynn and Ricky Williams all the best -- their status on the blue team notwithstanding -- it's never good to see injuries. I am happy Wynn was limited to a concussion because it looked like a train wreck as he hit the ground.

Oski Wee Wee,