Ricky Will be in toronto

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Ricky Williams is about to make a run for the border, and we're not talking about the border that will soon be patrolled by National Guardsmen.

According to a source, sometime soon, possibly as early as today, the Miami Dolphins will grant the suspended halfback permission to play for the CFL's Toronto Argonauts, who open training camp on Sunday -- which happens to be Williams's 29th birthday.

The last sticking point on the Dolphins' end is a written assurance from the Argonauts that they'll release Williams from his obligation to the team when the season ends in November. In other words, as one person familiar with the negotiations put it on Wednesday, a declaration that Williams is being rented, not purchased.

The Argonauts are likely to agree to the Dolphins' terms, and though Miami coach Nick Saban remains resistant to the idea -- he's worried that Williams will get hurt in Canada, which might make Saban and the Dolphins look like fools -- he'll probably give the bushy-bearded runner his blessing. Then, assuming a face-to-face meeting between Williams and his new bosses doesn't go miserably, it will be up to Williams' agent, Leigh Steinberg, to hammer out a one-season deal with the team.

At the very latest, look for Williams to be a member of the Argonauts by early next week. That means Williams will leave the friendly confines of Grass Valley, Calif., where he's holing up with his holistically correct buddies, and relocate to a cosmopolitan city with terrific entertainment and culture offerings.

And why, you ask, is Williams, one of my favorite people in football because of his individualism, so eager to go international?

Come to think of it, why is Saban letting him go in the first place?

The answer to both questions is the same: Williams needs the dough.

Because of his drug suspensions and sudden retirement before the 2004 season, according to a source familiar with Williams' finances, the running back has made just $285,000 since December 2003 -- with his next potential check from the Dolphins delayed until at least next summer. Throw in the absurd $8.6 million judgment against him in the wake of his short-lived retirement (the Dolphins kindly reduced his debt to $5.4 million after his impressive '05 campaign) and a history of sloppy financial decisions, and Williams might as well be mooching meals from Mike Tyson. Or maybe Evander Holyfield is a more apt comparison: Williams has three children with three different mothers.

Williams won't make all that much in Canada -- probably less than $200,000, with the potential for some substantial off-field income worked into the deal. But at least this will get him some cash. And if you look at the painful history of his time as a professional, you'll realize that few athletes have ever squandered more potential cash.

well woohoo for ricky. He finally can get some money flowing in.

I hope he learns from Piball,and become a role model!!!

I hope he learns from Robert Baker and becomes a real *******.

The writer of this piece was on Bob McCown's Fan 590 in Toronto. He claims to know RW quite well and says he is really a decent human being and unlike some of the idiots in the NFL. Supposedly, being "clean" for quite some time.
He maintains that it is only a matter of time the Dolphins officially OK the move.
Earlier in the show Bob had Keith Pelley of the Argos on and when the word arrives from the Dolphins, the management team will first meet with Ricky to discuss his role in the community and in essence to have a "character clause" in the contract. Salary is projected at between $250,000-$300,000.

Again just because someone does smoke pot does not make them evil. But in the case of Ricky Williams losing so much money from its use. It tells me that he is not a bright human being.

...i hope he has turned his gig around.....the CFL.has entertained these 'fringe bad boys ' before.....some work out ...some don't....totally up to the individual on how it ends....Williams could have a new beginning with Pinball....IF anyone has his head on right its Clemonts.... maybe he can bring him around.... I hope it works out for T.O.....BUT....i'm sure not looking forward to dealing with this guy defensively...if he brings his A game......woah.....this could be one different year in the CFL... :arrow:

///i wonder if he found 5 mill. that he now owes the Dolphins...Williams could have some pretty lean paychecks.... :roll:

Why did you not post the whole article? There was two more pages.

....bright ...like in star.....maybe he has shone....or maybe he has still some shining to do......only Williams knows for sure.....and for sure... not you red..... :lol:

The lastest on Ricky according to ESPN...

The Miami Dolphins will allow Ricky Williams to play for the Toronto Argonauts as long as they have it in writing that he will be released at the end of the CFL season, the Miami Herald reported Friday, citing a source close to the Argos.

Ricky Williams
Running Back
Miami Dolphins

Rush Yds TD Rec Yds TD
168 743 6 17 93 0

The Argonauts were expected to comply with that request as early as Friday, the newspaper reported, allowing Williams and his agent, Leigh Steinberg, to neogiate a deal with the CFL team. The Herald reported Steinberg declined comment Thursday.

The Argonauts secured Williams' CFL rights when the running back was suspended for a year by the NFL for violating the league's substance abuse policy. The team's training camp starts Sunday, and the team opens its regular season June 16.

The Dolphins had been reluctant to let Williams play in Canada due to the risk of injury, but are apparently relenting. Williams has three children and a fourth on the way and has reportedly earned $270,000 since December 2003, the Herald reported. He owes the Dolphins $8.6 million for breaching his contract when he retired in 2004.

"We want Ricky back on our team," Dolphins coach Nick Saban told the Herald earlier this month. "Ricky doesn't need to go to Canada to prove anything to us." But Saban also said the Dolphins would "give him the opportunity to do it if it's something that he needed to do or really wanted to do."

Williams rushed for 743 yards and six touchdowns last season.

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Well! That sure teaches him a lesson doesn't it?

By the way, isn’t there something… I don’t know… let’s say short-sighted, when you hire a player at a key position when you know you won’t be able to keep him after the season? Face it, the Argos still have Allen this year, but he might very well be gone the following. Do the Argos want to start the 2007 season with an unproven QB and an unproven back? Shouldn’t they develop a good back this year so he would carry the team leadership next year? Do I think too much?

Some teams only think about this year. How times has it happened in sports where teams sign big names, win the championship and dump everyone the following year?

well, I warned you Toronto, now you will suffer! So as he can't afford his habit, he will walk away from you.

and I hate the fact that the article sounds like the CFL is a farm league for the NFL, "letting him play", whatever.

but I must say, the whole thing with Ricky makes the CFL look like a bush league.

I guess if Ricky is able to play, despite his habit, then the NFL shouldn't be so hard on him, and that he should play football this season somewhere, you gotta love the CFL's team policies for that.

The arcticle never showed the CFL as a farm league. "Letting him play" refers to the fact he has a contract with an organisation, and he asks for the right to perform the same job he would do for it, but for the benefit of another organisation. So yeah, he needs to get his employer's permission.

Same would apply for any of us. Our employers would not want us to get a side-job at another company doing the same thing.

Actually they cannot stop you from doing the same job at another company as long as it doesnt affect you work with them.
But I understand your point.

Uhh... I guess it depends on what's your job. Of course, if you operate a machine that makes plastic spoons, I guess you can get a job at a competitor too. But if you have access to any confidential information in your company, they could forbid you from working at a competitor. And I don't mean highly classified infos... just some usual business stuff that needs to stay within the company walls.

The signing of Ricky Williams just from a PR or adverstising move is huge. Just look at all the talk and free publicity the Argos have had and the deal isn’t even done! I mean to be covered on major US networks and webpages, articles every day across Canada. There hasn’t been this much hype since the Rocket came here and everyone came to see him. The Argos can expect 10 000 more to the opener if Williams is in uniform. If the fans have a good time, they will come back and finding new fans is what the CFL is all about.

Your right, Argoz. I live across the border from Vancouver. I have friends who are interested in attending the Argos/ Lions game if this happens. Usually I can get two or three of them a year to come to a game but I know that I should get 6-8 of them this year. The last time I had that many Yankee friends attend a game was when the Rocket played Flutie and the Lions.Nothing but good publicity. Who ever heard of bad publicity.

wow, ricky williams will probably be paid over 300 thousand if he comes here, and it sure looks like he’s coming here.

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