Ricky Who?

Anyone else catch that in the spec ? :lol:

Ricky Who?
Our Bongs are Bigger,would have been better..

I’m still not impressed with this.

We all know he’s not even playing so why bring attention to it. The Spec just seems more childish everyday. I mean there has to be something more creative than “Ricky who?”

I hope I dont see too many of those signs tonight. Its pretty lame for a few reasons:

  1. its a personal attack
  2. he's not even playing (as mentioned above)
  3. its thought up by the Spec, homemade signs at least show some creativity on the part of the person holding it up

I think it should have said:
"Jesse who?"

Once again...the Spec blows it.

It's not even as if you can hold those signs anyway. Perhaps that should write their childish messages on toilet paper.

At least that way it would be put to some use.