Ricky wants to stay in CFL longer?

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Despite a broken arm and a recently shredded heel, Toronto Argonauts running back Ricky Williams believes he has a future in Canadian football.

Why, you may ask? The same reason many players and coaches like to be around the Argonauts franchise: Michael 'Pinball' Clemons.

"I was thinking it wouldn't be bad to come back up here and kind of follow the same steps as Pinner -- play here a couple years and maybe get a chance to coach up here," Williams told the National Post on Wednesday.

Playing in Canada has allowed Williams the life he was unable to enjoy in the NFL, where every move is scrutinized.

"I come to work, I go home, play with my kid, walk to the store. It's really nice. I get to teach. It's wonderful here."

Williams is only under contract with the Argos until the end of the CFL season; upon which he must report back to the Miami Dolphins organization.

The former Heisman Trophy winner has had a lot of time to relax north of the border due to a string of injuries. Williams broke his forearm last month in a game versus Saskatchewan and recently gashed his heel on a metal door, opening a cut which required 17 stitches to close. In order to avoid infection, Williams now spends four hours a day in a hyperbaric chamber.

It is not known if the gashed heel will prevent Williams from meeting his anticipated return date of Sept. 23, when the Argos visit Calgary.

"The doctors haven't really told me, and I wouldn't believe them anyway," said Williams. "They say it's going to be longer, but I say it's probably shorter."

In Williams' absence veteran John Avery has carried the lion's share of rushes. However, Avery has urged the Argos coaching staff to play both players in the same backfield whenever possible.

what do the forum users think of this?

Assuming he is telling us how he truly feels, good on him, let's face it, you're less of a piece of meat in the CFL because of less monies involved and playing in a country where hockey is so dominant therefore less big media attention.

Money for some out there isn't everything, and I'm sure we've all met a few and maybe a few of these are ourselves.

I heard he would be back for Labour Day.

But this article says it'll be much longer.

no chance for labour-day.

i heard POSSIBLY the rematch.

if he loved the cfl so much, then what was he doing in las vegas partying with vince carter?

I would love to see RW and Avery in the same backfield for years to come. They could bill themselves as the "Guys whose performance as Argos never came even remotely close to the promise they showed elsewhere and yet Pinball mysteriously keeps them around because he can't seem to push old friends out the door."

Or some other catchy name like that.

how bout ' nomatter who we have in the lineup, we'll still beat the ticats'...i like that one better.

Yeah, that was pretty clever, and not at all obvious.

mine was just as un-clever and uninteresting as yours....well, maybe not as bad as yours.

That's true. You'd have to search long and hard on this forum to find any other comment that essentially reads, "Oh yeah, well my team beat your team, so there."

cuz that never happens here... :roll:

Personally i think he should give the NFL one more shot.

what would people say, if, he goes back to the NFL after this mediocre CFL season and becomes rushing champ again?

he wont because ronnie brown is a stud, and ronnie brown is the unquestionable #1 option in that offense, ronnie brown + culpepper + mcmichael + chambers = superbowl contender. Even if they had ricky he would be only used once in a while on third down and passing packges to block. Ronnie Brown is the man, he is 6'2'' 235 lbs., 5% body fat, runs like a bull, a christian, very humble, very quiet, and a teamplayer, trust me, the phins dont need ricky more than ricky needs the phins to get paid.

This is exactly what Doug Brown said would happen way back when in his column. He predicted that Ricky, like so many others before, would really enjoy the lifestyle pace here and not want to go back.

I’ve got one “Good times” or “Good timers”

but if RW wants to come back, we’ll welocme him, but he isn’t going to go far becase he is overweight.

very true, they have looked good in the preseason but dont call them a superbowl contender yet its only the preseason. Im gonna correct myself and agree with you by saying there is no room for Ricky in Miami. I doubt that any team in the NFL would be willing to take a chance on Ricky either.

IMO the pot must be good in TO :wink: :cowboy:

GOOD ONE PLAYMAKER88 i agree with you ricky doesnt need them and they dont need ricky...its simple release ricky let him continue his career in canada if he chooses to,but if he wants the big money thats the real question...MONEY TALKS AT TIMES