Ricky to play this friday**

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Football/2006/06/04/1614019-sun.html]http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Footba ... 9-sun.html[/url]
Ricky Williams is expected to take one more CFL test drive.

The Argos, who toyed with the idea of holding the running back out of their final pre-season game Friday in Hamilton against the Tiger-Cats if there were fears about his physical status or safety, likely will give the green light to Williams after an unspectacular CFL debut two nights ago.

"I'm not exactly sure where that conversation (about Williams sitting out pre-season game No. 2) came from," Argos coach Pinball Clemons said yesterday, a day after Williams rushed for seven yards on four carries in a 31-3 loss against the Ticats.

"All things equal, he'll see (some time)," Clemons said. "I don't know if he'll play that long, but he will play, I would imagine, more than he did this week."

thanks but i could just read it for myself on the main page (waste of time 4 a post )

maybe he wanted a nice place to discuss the story. So, with your logic, why'd you waste more time replying to it then?

I'm sure RW will do a little bit better this time though.

Actually, I'm curious if he'll leave the team/league if he does poorly in his first few regular season games.

So is your response if you have nothing signifcant to contribute than don`t. We on this site seem to be getting more and more petty and would rather point out the mistakes of others perhaps the original poster did not read the front page as it does scroll by ect. I tend to go straight to the forum. Give the guy a break and relax. TCMIK :wink:

maybe ya never know ?

ok chillax :cowboy:

Here is what I find funny about this situation.

In the article linked to above, Pinball said,

""I'm not exactly sure where that conversation (about Williams sitting out pre-season game No. 2) came from," Argos coach Pinball Clemons said yesterday,"


"David Cynamon, who owns the Argos with Howard Sokolowski, told the Toronto Sun yesterday there have been internal discussions about whether or not to play Williams in both games"

That article is here http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 4-sun.html

I can imagine that Pinball is getting really frustrated from the constant Ricky Williams questions. I wonder if he's becoming a training camp distraction?

I kinda liked that, the head coach not knowing what the owners are saying about players getting playing time. Especially when they said they discussed it with Pinball.

I must apologize, especially to BG that I allowed the A word (the worst four letter there is) to enter my post above.

My mouth has been washed out with soap, my wrist has been slapped and I'm heading to bed without dinner.

I just hope RW shows something this game. i go to football games to be entertained and when a man of his calibre is given the ball a measily 4 times, im disappointed. Although im also rooting for someone (im gonan go with Belli on this) to give him some serious sort of injury and give him the boot for the season. Tha'll teach those leaky boatmen

Sounds like a bit of a contradiction, to say nothing of poor taste. Why can't you root for him to be healthy all season and just put in a disappointing performance? Like Avery.

I hope you really don't mean that...

Seriously, I hope the guy comes and plays well...I appreciate the guys talent...I know from listening to the Ticat interviews that they are looking to STOP HIM.

The guy has lots of talent and if he was on our team, he would be a fan favourite! Let's show some class! :thup: