As suspected, here is the information which bares out what some of us thought was the reported low end salary of $240,000.

"Ricky to earn close to $500K"

By STEVE SIMMONS -- Toronto Sun

Ricky Williams will earn close to $500,000 this season -- almost twice what originally was reported -- to play his only year of Canadian football.

A bevy of sources confirmed yesterday that Williams' salary is significantly higher than the $240,000 a year mark that has been attributed to the contract he agreed to Sunday with the Argonauts.

The actual value pushes Williams closer to the $585,000 US he would have earned this season with the Miami Dolphins, had he not been suspended for violating the National Football League's substance abuse policy. The new numbers also mean Williams will be compensated similarly to the CFL's highest-paid players, quarterbacks Dave Dickenson in British Columbia and Ricky Ray in Edmonton.


The Argos can afford this kind of deal because the stringent salary cap, agreed to by reluctant CFL governors in the winter, has yet to be implemented for the coming season. In addition, Argo management has quietly estimated that an additional 10,000 tickets sold over the course of the season -- or 1,000 per game -- will more than pay for Williams' expensive contract by CFL standards.

The Argos owners, David Cynamon and Howard Sokolowski, have run losses in their first two seasons operating the team and are expected to run a loss this season as well.

good , i love this, the cfl should never have a salary cap, i wanna see big names, make big coin, tear it up, if the cfl wants to be considered a pro sports sports leag,e it has to abolish any cap, dont go back to ottawa, and throw big money at big name players.

Been there; done that. Didn’t work.

Not enough T.V. revenue to support it.

Do you mean abolish the cap so 'certain' teams can throw big money at big name players and create a competitive unbalance in the CFL comparable to MLB?

Because teams like Saskatchewan and Winnipeg would have a hard time doing that.

That's exactly why David Braley in BC and Robert Wettenhall in Montreal voted against the "cap".

No salary cap will kill the CFL. Unless there some form of revenue sharing, to go along with a cap, Braley and Wettenhall will have no league to sign players to play in, so they are cutting their own throats.

I agree.
There has to be a cap or this will turn into a 3 team league.

no salary cap should be in place, the cfl tried to implement one in the past and it turned out into a joke, the cfl should have revenue sharing, drive up the price for tv contracts. But CFL teams need to do a better job at making money, whenever i go to a sports store i dont see enough cfl merchandise, the cfl needs luxury suites in all their stadiums, renovations at their facilities, and more marketing.

Where does the money come from to do all these elaborate expansions?

A properly implemented cap is no joke, it decreases league disparity, and this exrta revenue can be put back into the teams to create more elaborate marketing schemes. With no cap the players take all team profit, one or two teams are always strong, the rest cannot compete, and as stated above this becomes a three team league.

What a joke! I think its about time for a salary cap already.

CFL does not need a cap. BOG runs the league like old Steve Rubell use to run Studio54 in New York...Hey Lyle want 700K...come over here...


So pray tell...Why did the NHL shut down the league until the NHLPA agreed to a salary cap? They were in deep @@@@ and had to get the league back on its feet. Toronto thinks it would get an NFL team if the CFL were to fold. That would never happen. So the CFL would be Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto. Snooze.
The lively teams are those wishing to implement the cap. I hope that the 500K salary is true and that Ricky boy falls flat on his beak.

Um , and some people are actually believing STEVE SIMMONS [MR. NFL MEL]? :lol:

Now that is some thing that I thought that I would never see. :cowboy: :lol:

As for the CAP , the ARGOS were for it last year , and teams like EDMONTON , MONTREAL and B.C. were not.

So we are only supposed to believe the positive articles? :wink:

Even though the positive articles are in the vast majority :thup: , when it comes to the CFL , most people don't believe anything that he says about the CFL. If this was a positive artlcle by STEVE , I wouldn't believe it either. :roll:

However , the ARGOS have said that , [even if this article is true] that they only need to sell 1,000 more tickets a game to cover his salary.That seems to be happening already , only after 1 day . :thup:

And they are selling more CFL product in the U.S. :thup:

Actually, I have noticed of late how the once benadict Arnold, Steve Simmons, has "almost" had a turnaround and has written positive articles about the CFL.

this is an article by STEVE SIMMONS, who knows nothing...had perry lefko written it, id believe it. but steve just talks cuz he likes to hear his own voice.

9 outta 10 articles say $240,000...so i'll believe those.

Hooray for the almighty argos!

if the Argos can pay for it, let them, if the cap can support it, let it be.

but that's way too much to play a football player, hope it's not the beginning of a trend in the CFL.

Great so they pay a loser the same as a CFL star when he has never played a minute on the bigger field. Kinda makes one wonder if Toronto's owners are simply stating their belief that the nfl is better then the CFL :roll: