Ricky Schmitt out of BC

On TSN they are reporting Glenn, Ricky Schmitt, Dante Marsh, Kaliff Mitchell,Jamall johnson, all are out of BC. So do we go after Schmitt and a few other ex lions?

I would think Scmitt would be a no brainer after the disaster our punting was this year for sure.

Wow it looks like it could be a very busy and entertaining off season which is sorta good to help fill in the cold winter nights. :slight_smile:

Yes we should go after Ricky. Our punting and kickoffs gave teams instant field position every time. I'd go after Kevin Glenn as well to back up Durant.

I wouldn't be against getting Glenn provided he didn't break the bank. He would also have to accept that he is the back up. If those two things could be agreed upon then yes he would be a solid number two qb. I would still like to see what Price has to offer as both Glenn and Durant are not getting younger so a fleet footed young qb getting in and gaining experience would be good for the future. Last thing we want is to be like Winnipeg and have no starting qb for a couple of years.

we don't need old has been QB's what we need is a management and coaching staff that will develop our young QB's.

That is why I said I would like to see what Price can do. If Glenn came cheap enough it would give an insurance policy if Durant gets hurt but they can also give Price a shot and see what he has. If he got in trouble rather then leave him in and ruin his confidence they could put Glenn in and let Price see what he is doing wrong. In other words it wouldn't be throwing the lamb to the wolves and see if he can survive. It takes time to develop a young qb in most cases. If Price is good and catches on fast that is a bonus and after a season we can have him as the back up.

Totally agree Jimmy. Now is the time the got to start developing a QB for the future. Durant is here maybe another 3-5 seasons. I'm not sure Price is ready yet, and I think they could run into another situation like they did this season without a established backup if they are just going to rely on Price tho.

I would think 5 years would be a stretch to be honest for Durant. He is not without some war wounds and I think these are going to start taking there toll sooner then later. He is a warrior no doubt but as you get older these injuries can come back and haunt you. I would think 3 years is a safe bet but that gives time to develop Price or whoever if they start this year. If Durant decides to pack it in another couple of years down the line then we will be fine.

Schmitt - yes. Huge upgrade to kickoffs. Huge upgrade for punts. But he's an import..............I kind of think you need an impoirt who can handle all 3 (punts, kicks, FG) to occupy an import roster spot. Or at least that makes it easy. We had Scmitt and Milo for 2013 and could see it again if Schmitt is cheap enough............last year sounds like we broke the bank for Milo (and he was coming off a career year and deserved the raise.........he just didn't deleiver in 2014).

Kevin Glenn - Nope...........develop the next DD and do a better job keeping them under contract unlike Willy (but in expansion year nearly impossible to do).

Stamps - how cheap is Huff paying Bo Levi at 24 years old. Will Bo Levi extend or is he going to chase NFL after 2015. Plus they have Tate under contract for 2 nmore. Huff is very smart with QB's and contracts.

milo’s good if he just place kicks, but ricky Schmidt gave us instant field position in 2013, and we really sucked with field position this year, he would definitely upgrade our special teams if they can make it work, and maybe get congi back if milo wants out???

I wouldn't bother with Schmidt. There is a reason he didn't dress for the playoff game. He seemed to lose a lot of leg late in 2013 and again in 2014. Bartel might be fine with a real ST coach. For me I would bring in Jamie Boreham as ST coach I would at minimum bring Bartel in for camp and see if they can get something going. They also have Sharp to test the waters with, and will likely bring in at least one more guy.

Bingo. you got it right with Milo's only concern being field goals he had a really good season in 2013 and the confidence he had saw well as everyone else was great.
As for needing an import Kicker who needs to do all three things, one they are few and far between as Ottawa found out. Two there have been two extra roster spots added since the Riders had the perfect kicking storm in 2013. One National and one international. Making it much more viable to have two kickers being one of each part of the roster.
I say this all the time teams that skimp on their kicking game for an extra roster spot it always comes back to burn them.
BC skimped in the playoffs and did not put Ricky the Roster. The result was a weaker legged punter, whose specialty is being a constant FG kicker from about 40 and in and does not miss. That led to BC playing the entire first half in their end of the field. Giving Montreals offense a short field and BCs offense the longest field possible on every series.
Schmidt can flip the field with one kick. As well as having unique skill for a specialty punter in being a big leagued kickoff guy.
Right now Walters in Toronto and Medlock in Hamilton are the only two in the CFL that I would be comfortable doing all duties and doing them all great.
besides the back up QB position the biggest thing that happened to the Riders was out of their hands. They got stripped of almost all of their Canadian depth on defense. Both Sholo and Evans in expansion draft left a team with 3 of the 6 Dlineman ib the 2013 rotation to one in Foley. Gone was all star Safety/Will LB Butler to FA. Also gone was Newman who was on the verge of being able to play more on defensive packages. Instead they had to use at times an older field side CB who really is just a teams player now. Sam Hurl also returned after a great rookie year who could start or be a top rotation player to be packaged in of D.
So they went from 6 quality National defenders who could play on defense as a starter, rotation, or package. down to two in Foley and Hurl.