Ricky Santos

You can't have been watching the same Cody Pickett I watched last year from my season's tickets in Toronto. He seldom ran and when he did, he often hook-slid two or three yards short of the first down. The guy is NOT a runner.

How far was he starting from? Or maybe this is what he was asked for when doing so? I often saw Robertson be 2 - 3 yards short of the first down too, yet he’s a good RB. You are right when you say he’s not a “runner” like Burris, Durant or even McPherson. But he can run. It’s not like some of those we’ve seen that just can’t do it.

It is, actually. He is of average mobility, below-average speed and has terrible instincts with regards to where would-be tacklers are and where the first-down marker is. There is a huge difference between him and Robertson. The latter never once went down deliberately to end a play. Pickett did that a number of times, and invariably he was nowhere near a first down. Anyone who expects him to move the chains with his feet more than occasionally is in for a nasty surprise, IMO. Not that I expect this thesis to be proven because I cannot see him as anything better than third-string, if that.

This makes sense. Hope Santos is really better, then, otherwise we're in deep... what was it?

Wow! I must say that I don't think I have ever seen this much discussion over an Alouettes' third string QB. For years, we never even had a decent # 2. :lol:

Ain't that the truth !!

With unjured 2nd and 3rd strings, this becomes an issue.

From what is being reported, Leak should be ready for the opener in Regina.
That would leave Santos as #3.

Has anyone seen or read anything about Joseph? Has CFL experience, maybe would be willing to come in as a #3 without costing allot of money.