Ricky Santos

Should the Boatmen take a shot at Ricky Santos, who was just released by Winnipeg? Bring him to camp at least and see what he can do, with our QB situation the way it is I am willing to give (almost) anyone a shot at this thing. Respond if you agree or disagree

They have Lemon, Dorsey, Harrall,Brannigan and Bell. That’s not enough ?

They have more QB’s than they Offensive Linesmen :wink:

Oh and the superstar from the Copper Football League, that’s six.

Not to mention when us Bomber Fans were saying Ricky has a great skill set and could be an excellent QB in the CFL, the majority of your neighbor's (The arrogant Tiger cat Fans) have said Santos will be a flop, he sucks and yadda yadda, but of course if they had Santos he would be the next big thing. Santos is a good QB and if i were T.O i would take a chance on Santos, nothing to lose. Reason he was released was because Bomber management thinks Brink and DiMichele have a better skill set that is more suited for LaPolice's offense.
Back to Hamilton ... we (The Bomber Fans) have a great offseason rivalry with The Cats, they think cause they were 9-9 last season (first winning season in 10 years) that they are going to push MTL for first and win the Grey Cup .... LOL ... what are they smoking in Hamilton anyway's? Besides why would Hamilton pick up Santos when they have the "GREAT" Kevin Glenn and "The Best Future QB In The League" with Porter, and who is the other QB over in Hamilton? I forgot, guess it just shows he is a nobody. I am being sarcastic by the way, Glenn is not a proven winner and has not had one winning season as a starter and Porter, well he just plain stinks in my opinion.

It's all the smoke in the air it effects Ti-cat fans brains. They are very delusional. Although I think the Ti-cats are improved and are not laugh stalks anymore I still think they are not yet contending for a Grey Cup. Now in regards for Santos I would be interested in bring him in the more the Merrier.

I agree with BlueandGold4ever.......no harm in giving the dude a shot. If he doesn't work out, then no harm done. If he does, then lots of good done.

You're becoming delusional blue, no Hamilton fans said they wanted to bring in Santos, you're arguing with yourself. Obviously we aren't going to win the cup, the great hall of fame clad Winnipeg Blue Bombers are going to. I forget, what was you're teams record last year? that's right, 7-11. The only reason you had a chance at making the playoffs come the last week of the season was because Montreal layed down and died, basically giving you a game. Now because you released interception machine and signed concussed Buck you think that you're going to win the east and the grey cup, don't deny that I've seen you're predictions. I've got news for you, Buck Pierce has never played an entire season, and the Bombers are not improved. Enjoy fighting for the basement boys.

This Bomber-Ticat rivalry is really starting to heat up. Even though I am an argo fan I really going to enjoy watching the four early meetings these teams have in the beginning of the season.

Santos was hightly thought of with the Als and I recall the Bombers were giddy when they got him.
He only appeared in a minor role near the end of last season.
So why cut him before training camp?
Anyway, the Argos should bring him in for sure for a look see.

Although I cant stand Hamilton and want them to lose as many games as possible, the accusation of "arrogant" Tiger cat Fans seems ironic when youre then being arrogant yourself. Sure the fans are extremely annoying and sometimes irritating, especially the ones that go to the Dome and think they own the place, but they stuck with the team when they were pathetic for the past 5 years. Basically I hate hamilton fans but i respect them at the same time

From the limited amount of times I have seen him in practice, (4 or 5 times last year), and the love in that a lot of Rider posters, (most pretty intuative and knowlegable in their posts) I would think that Mr. Bell is going to be your answer. The guy has been in Riderville for 2 or 3 years, so the CFL is not new to him, and he has all the College credentials that any Q.B. comming up here has. He has been groomed for the last few years in the Canadian game, and I'm thinking he is the next CFL find, who will be leading the next generation of CFL Q.B. elites.

I really cannot understand Bomber fans right now.
You think we're the delirious ones but you think your team is miles ahead of ours in almost every way.
Where have you improved from that 7-11 gong show from last season?
Mike Kelly's gone in favour of a guy that's never been a head coach.
Mr.Arm Punter is gone in favour of Captain Concussion.
You've lost key players like Jonathon Heffney, Titus Ryan, Gavin Walls, Lenny Walls, Fred Perry, Otis Amey (showed alot of promise), etc. and truthfully have only replaced them with unproven import rookies.
Where have we gone wrong exactly?
You guys always point out that we suck badly and that our '09 squad basically fluked the season, and that Glenn isn't a good QB.Well I think he proved he's better with us then he ever was with you guys and this off-season he's lost weight and adapted a totally new training regimine.You wanna know why Porter was terrible last season?Because he's being forced to change his style from a gunslinger to match that of Kevin Glenn and Khari Jones where you go with speed release and throw where the receiver will be or should be.Transitions like that take time.It's not all bad though, Glenn's learned something from Porter too, Portaer's favourite thing to do.Take off and run for big yards.I'm sorry you felt that Glenn screwed the Bomber's over, it sucks to rely on someone so much and have them let you down.But he's turned over a new leaf and he's better now than he ever was before.
PS, Cobb will be seeing alot of your secondary in his rear view mirror :wink:

20 years without a championship does that...