Ricky Ray's Status

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“It’s always tough when your star quarterback goes out,? said coach Scott Milanovich. “I don’t have a lot of answers for you. He tried to throw a bit afterwards in the tunnel, but we decided to be safe with him.?

it sounds like Ray - with 10 days until their next game - should be able to play. otherwise, i doubt they had him throwing the ball in the tunnel.

more on Ray's injury should be known today.

Shows how important he is to the team. Argos whole game changed after he went out last night. The idiotic decision to give up back to back safeties didn't help (watch was Millanovich thinking?), but it threw off the rhythm of the entire team.

Calgary was able to shut down the Argo offense which got the D back on the field more often and with less rest. Until Ray went down it looked like it would at least be a close game, but after that all Stamps. Collaros might do better next week as a starter, if Ray is out, than coming off the bench.

How is it possible that without Ricky Ray, Milanovich would only give the RB four (4) carries? Makes absolutely ZERO sense not to at least try to establish the run with your back up QB in. Sorta like how Calgary gave it to their RBs 28 times and steamrolled Toronto on the ground.

That's how you beat Jones defense. Run the ball down his troat. I never understand why teams try to dink and dunk against him.

Rushing attempts went unchanged for Toronto until last week against Edmonton. Low 20's after losing Kackert but the last 2 games low teens. Millanovich is not the HC genius some people on the board like to make him out to be. I don't think he's HC material at all and his inability to adjust to the loss of Ray at halftime was yet another example of that.

Adrenaline can mask the pain of injury. The way Ricky Ray was crushed by that clumsy DE, I wouldn't be surprised if Ray has a shoulder separation.

Monday morning, the sports radio shows will be filled with updates on Ricky Rays condition and his status. Oh wait, its Toronto they will be talking about the Leafs.

Great story in today T.O Sun paper about how them Argos are shooting them selfs in the foot by not talking or giving information information to the media about Rays injury. As 1 media put it. The Argos are out of sight out of mind

Hey WOW! The Sun is actually covering the Argos!

That's one NFL rule that should be adopted by the CFL. All injuries must be reported with an honest appraisal as to their availability for next game. Updated daily. The NFL did this as a silent nod to the gambling industry but it increases coverage. Needless nonsense for a league that treats media like scum.

Disagree. There is a deadline for all weekly transactions as game day approaches. Nothing needs to be public until that deadline.

These little games of secrecy and closed practices are the same to me. Idiotic.

I can see where the strategy comes in Collaros and Ray are different styles of QB's, with Collaros a mobile qb with 1 start and 2 full games of experience there isn't a lot of tape their.

Blame the NHL. They invented the “upper body injury” for everything from a concussion to a separated shoulder to broken finger nail. It’s sports lexicon now.

The Sun does up to 4 full pages a day on the Argos and the CFL. The Star does 1 story on game day