ricky ray's salary??

Does anyone know what ricky ray’s salary is?

i read today that he’s the cfl’s highest paid player, but i don’t live in edmonton anymore so i was just curious about how much the esks paid to get him back.

........think it was around $400,00 per year for 3 years.......I think?.......

no one knows all edmonton pro sports players salary are not disclosed to the public

Not sure what happens in etown anymore, but when i lived there salaries were sometimes disclosed in the local papers. besides, the reporter who wrote the article i read, knew enough to say that ray's now the cfl's highest paid player. I really just wanted to know because i wanted to have a good laugh over the difference between the highest paid players in the nfl and my beloved cfl.

if it is $400, 000 ... it's pretty good that they tied him up for 3 years. I'm glad cfl-ers aren't overpaid bums like the athletes in other pro leagues. It makes the cfl just that much better, don'cha think?

The thing I don't understand is, why pay $400,000? It seems to me that CFL teams are bidding against themselves. Nobody in the CFL should be making over 200k. It all started with Montreal paying Calvillo 400k a couple of years ago. Why? Where was he going to go? Guys like Ray and Dickenson have proven that the NFL doesn't want them, so why pay these outrageous sums for guys that have no real options but the CFL. Don't want 200k? Fine, go and deliver potato chips, or sit at home. I hope CFL execs come to their senses soon or we're going to have some big problems in a couple of years.

There was still a bidding war for Ricky Ray. Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Toronto were all in the hunt along with Edmonton. Maybe by the time the bidding reached $400 000, Edmonton was the only team that didn’t fold?

It’s tough to say.

i read in the paper that hes getting paid 460 G's a year, just over calvillo who is just of 400

That's what I read as well. He is making $460,000 per season and I cna't remember if I heard it or read it but apparently he signed for a bonus of $200,000. Did anyone else hear that?


I never heard that, but if it is the same source that said the Esks are paying Sanchez $200 000 per year, I don’t believe a word of it.

What is Sanchez making?

If Ray keeps passing the way he has been thus far, then thats about a thousand dollars a yard :slight_smile:

As I heard it RR is getting 450 AC 350.

As for when AC would have gone, NFL no another CFL team yes

I found something on the Internet today. It was in the Sacramento Bee.

Ray, who led Edmonton to a Grey Cup appearance in 2002 and a title in 2003, rejoined the Eskimos at a cost of [b]$372,653 per year (U.S. dollars)[/b] with [b]a hefty $162,000 signing bonus[/b]. His three-year deal is tops in the league, not to mention a sizable pay hike from the $29,000 he made in his first CFL season.
That's a helluva lot of money.:shock:

Sorry, I diagree 100% with all your comments.

#1. Saying "Don't want 200K? Fine go deliver potato chips" is ABSURD. You can say the EXACT same thing to every single pro athlete on this continent - "Hey Kobe Bryant, don't want $50 billion? Then go sit at home". If there is ANY league that has players who prove they will play for the LOVE of the game, it's the CFL, so don't make such stupid comments about them "not wanting" 200K. Look at how many NHLers and other athletes have held out for more $$$ - whether it's an extra mil or two, they squeak out every single million dollar they can. Did Ricky Ray "sit out" and refuse to sign for anything less than $500K? Of course not! Sure his agent negotiated the best possible deal, but he still took what was offered to him.

#2. Saying "no CFL player deserves over $200K" is ABSURD too! The fact is that the CFL players deserve the biggest piece of the revenue pie just as they do in all pro sports. The only difference being they are looking at a much smaller pie than the US based pro leagues. For one thing, the players deserve to make more than the league's employees, etc. because they are the PRODUCT. Look at the commissioner of the league, he makes $400K, is there any commissioner in any other league that makes more than 99.9% of its players? No. Therefore, if teams in the league (like Edmonton or BC or Montreal or Toronto) CAN afford to pay their players 400K or more, then they should be able to. At least they're not jacking up ticket prices to compensate for insane salaries like they do in the NHL. The only thing that needs to be addressed is some sort of revenue sharing so that the Saskatchewans and Hamiltons of the world can sign guys for comparable , as well as a realistic cap to control spending.

#3. Saying "Guys like Ray and Dickenson have proven that the NFL doesn't want them, so why pay these outrageous sums for guys that have no real options but the CFL" is also ABSURD! In case you didn't know, there are a TON of very talented football players (many of whom have played in the NFL at some point too) who have chosen another career over a CFL career. What if Dickenson had an Engineering Degree and even though he loved to play football, he decided he could make more money working a "regular job" than playing in the CFL? You think these guys have no other options and they should just feel so privileged to put their bodies through hell just to make more than 30K? Ha! You're sadly mistaken. Over the years, a lot of guys have chosen a "regular job" over the CFL due to money. Even in terms of football, there are players who have opted to play Arena ball where the money is comparable and in US currency. Look at how many guys in the NFL (where the average career is only three years) have no employment in that league afterward either? And even if they try to come up here, they still don't stick in the CFL. So what options do those guys have? Less than the CFLers. True, the fact is that the CFL is not the FIRST option for 99.9% of football players (who dream of the big or glory of the NFL), but it's certainly NOT their only option in life (or even football for that matter).

Your comments totally disregard the fact that these guys put their bodies on the line (their health, etc) and their futures on hold (post-retirement careers, etc.) for very little compared to other pro athletes. No one is forcing them to do it and, yes, they DO have plenty of other options, but they chose to do it for the LOVE of the game. So, if the league grows and generates enough $$$, these guys should be the first ones to be compensated for it accordingly (the revenues go up, so should their salaries), even without getting to the sick category of other pro leagues. Dickinson deserves every penny of his $450K salary and Ricky Ray deserves every penny of his $460K. They are the stars, they bring in fans.

It's true. Sanchez is now the second highest paid player on the team (after Vaughn left) and he is making at least $200K. Ricky Ray is making $460K plus whatever bonuses. That's fine by me. I can at least fathom that (unlike fourth-line NHL no-names making $1.2 million). I have no problem with all the guys in the CFL making six-figures as long as the revenues can justify it. It's when the salaries creep into the seven-figure mark (like winning the lottery every year), I want to puke. But on the otherhand, that's the nature of the entertainment industry. The thing is, at least in the NBA, NFL, and MLB, the players are on the same platform as US movies stars, but in the NHL (when it comes to the US - where the money is), the hockey players are the equivalent of movie extras and the majority aren't any more well known or admired than CFLers in many parts of the states (meaning, they aren't known at all).

offering the big bucks is the only incentive to get former nflers to come north. 400K is the salary of a third string quarterback in the NFL

Yes I have heard that also I believe it was on the radio sports show.

Good post! Again if salaries were out of line that would have happened in 1992 when Flutie signed for a million a year. Did QB's all go for that since then no now the highest paid is $400,000 something. If you do not pay for this talent example Dave Dickenson you would make more money holding a clipboard down south. That is the problem for sure. Sooner have that entertainment up here. Yes this makes it tough for the community owned teams but Edmonton does not seem to have a problem! They spend to get the best product on the field and it pays back in dividends. The owners have done a great job with salaries compared to other sports and leagues. I still believe that if this fails with the Community owned teams then either they get a workable cap or sell the teams to private investors.