Ricky Ray

Toronto vs. Winnipeg, Oct 24:

Ricky Ray completes 39 of 45 passes (including 21 consecutive completions), an 86.7% completion rate, for 505 yards and 3 TDs. His passer rating is a whopping 143.3 for the game - and that's in the bottom half of the 10 games he's played this year!

That demonstrates two things:

  1. Ray truly was having a season for the ages before he got hurt. He's on pace to top 3,000 yards despite missing 7 games (and most of an 8th game). He would have walked away with the MOP award if he'd been healthy all season - Cornish or no Cornish. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if he still took the eastern nomination, which Burris seemed to have sewn up until his performance started to slide over the past month or so.

  2. The Argos will be tough to beat in the playoffs.

Very Ironic ... I just posted a similar thread on the CFL Fan Forum Website.

Ricky Ray Is The MOP in The CFL!

... And that's coming from a die-hard TiCat Fan!!!

And with all due respect to Jon Cornish, Cory Sheets, & Henry Burris ... But Ricky Ray is the Most Outstanding Player in the Canadian Football League ... Full Stop!

I don't care about number of games played or games missed ... When Ricky is on the field ... He is the best player at his position & the best player in the league ... Period!

Once again ... Coming from a TiCat Fan ... That's HUGE!

I ask you this question ... If you're the GM for the RedBlacks & there are NO PROTECTED PLAYERS ... Who do you select #1?

I'm picking Ray ... I used to think I would pick Cornish or Harris because they are real ratio busters ... but the more I watch RR ... The more I'm convinced that you can replace a Cornish or Harris, despite the ratio, much easier than you can replace a Ricky Ray.

X2. Ray is in a class by himself. The TD pass to Inman was art. It just floated down into Inman's hands in full flight. His line with Kackert and Durie blocking helps a lot. So does the game planning which sees him getting rid of the ball quickly. Milanovich brought a lot of the Montreal offence with him.

An Argo-Cat fan

500 yards passing that's fantastic! too bad only 18,000 fans showed up to see it

I was waiting for you to point this out mike.

and it is too bad the Argos are forced to play home games on Tuesdays and Thursdays rather than traditional football weekends.

Maybe Ricky Ray has to sign with Buffalo to get people in Toronto to notice.

The leaky Boatmen will never get a large crowd by wining. The Hoggers love losers look at the Leafs. :cowboy:

the skydome isn't new.
anyone who was ever going to take in a football game there has. and they hate it.
it's hard to convince everyone - who've already made up their mind long ago - that the skydome is suddenly not bad for football.
it is bad.
we all know it.
the argos have terrific tv numbers, but those people watching won't go to the skydome because you can't see anything from the 100 level. which only leaves the 200 level, as the 500 level is closed.

the same people who won't go to the skydome for the CFL also don't go for the NFL there either.