Ricky Ray

The Toronto Argonauts traded Steven Jyles, Grant Shaw & the 2nd overall pick to the Edmonton Eskimos for Ricky Ray.

Ricky Ray gave the Argos something they have not had in ALONG time.... A starting QB.

Currently, almost EVERY CFL fan says the Ricky Ray trade was a HUGE bust for Edmonton.

But honestly i dont thinks so. Edmonton had a GLARING need at Kicker. They're biggest need as a franchise has been at kicker, ever since Sean Fleming retired. Former GM Danny Mac made BRUTAL moves trying to find a replacement. Getting the second overall pick in the deal and turning that into Austin Plastor (OL) and Ryan King (LS) was good long term for Edmonton. Now of course Steven Jyles was a HUGE bust. But if Steven Jyles would have played even half decend all year, the Eskimos would have finished in 2nd place. And in a completely different spot heading into the playoffs.

Ricky Ray is a great QB, dont get me wrong. But having a player make $500,000 a season hurts your team too much on the salary cap ($4.25 Million). That is why Edmonton, and now Toronto face MAJOR problems when injuries occur. And another reason why Cory Boyd was released from Toronto. Currently, Ricky Ray makes $425,000 or more for Toronto. But after this Grey Cup run, and possible Championship.. Ricky Ray will once again be up over the $450,000 to $500,000 range. Which is a major concern for Toronto retooling in the offseason. But in the end, a QB trade FINALLY worked out for Toronto, after trading away top picks for Kerry Joseph, bust. And then Steven Jyles, bust.

If Ricky Ray was in Edmonton, yes maybe Edmonton would be in the Grey Cup or at least have alot better record this season. But come the off-season, something would have to give.... with Ray gone, and $450,000+ off the books, Edmonton can keep LB JC Sherritt, DE Marcus Howard, DB Weldon Brown, etc etc. And build a MUCH stronger team overall.

So in the end, im happy for Ricky Ray. He was not loved in Edmonton and got a new start in Toronto. And although fans in Edmonton say they never wanted him gone, we all know in 2009, 2010.. majority of fans wanted him gone. When you listen to pod casts from Edmonton Sports Shows & Post Game Shows after Eskimo games, majority of fans WANTED Ricky Ray gone. It was even all over facebook, twitter, etc. Now that he's gone, they play the "i didnt say that", "no one ever said that" game. And honestly its funny. We all know the truth.

So hopefully Ricky Ray can win another Grey Cup. The 100th Grey Cup. And go into the Hall of Fame with another ring on his finger. Oh, and also do Edmonton another favor and beat rival Calgary!

You conveniently forgot the half million dollars the league gave to the Argos before the season began.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? Link to this?

Sorry , I don’t know how to give links. It’s well known ,yet not well talked about , that the league gave Toronto and Hamilton half a million each for fan development. Look it up. Sorry I can’t help you.

Copy & Paste link.

[url=http://m.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/amid-renaissance-cohon-still-must-tackle-toronto-issue/article555165/?service=mobile]http://m.theglobeandmail.com/sports/foo ... ice=mobile[/url]

Perhaps this article will help...

This has ZERO to do with anything. Edmonton does this with the Edmonton Huskies/Edmonton Wildcats etc. Its to grow minor/major amateur football. Nothing to do with the Argos roster, players, etc etc. Same in Hamilton.

CFLvsNFL; I thought the link I posted earlier, was about what DAN38 was getting at…sigh


CFLvsNFL; I thought the link I posted earlier, was about what DAN38 was getting at...sigh

I miss understood....

I agree with you 100% Jyles was not going to lead them to a Grey cup but nither has Ricky ray over the past 5 seasons and for the ESKS that is unacceptable. the ESKS will now be able to lock in the best defensive player in the League JC Sherrit, The O Line is being built through the draft and with trades which will give the ESks a solid Oline base to build upon for years to come. The defense has a lot of great players they have aquired and will need to pay to keep them in Edmonton and the importance of a do it all Kicker they received in Shaw will want ro be a guy that they will want to lock in.
Now that phase one is done the Esks can enter the free agent markey to sign thier startign QB.
I know we both agree that mcpherson is the Guy who makes the best fit. Reed loves the stlye of Joseph that is too old to sustain a whole season a Mcpherson who will be leaving montrealwithout the Als giving him what he wants now and that is a chance to be named the starting QB something in which Edmonton can do. With mpherson geting very little playing time i think everyone forgets just how good McPherson is

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/what-cfl-qbs-are-making-137339983.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 39983.html[/url]

Link on $$$ of CFL QB’s salary…

Steven jyles is making the same coin as Travis Lulay?

That's what Edmonton did with the Ray cap-space, eh?