ricky ray

I’m glad ray is back in edmonton! Let’s be honest, he had an amazing o-line to protect him, a great running game, 1/3 of all his yards were to vaughn, a great defensive line that could allow the rest of the defence to do things. My point is that one player does not a team make. football is the greatest team sport. I’m going to love watching ray play with a suspect o-line, no running game & if the eskimo defence last year was any indication i think it might be a little tougher this time around. Go stamps go!!! : :smiley:

…and to top it off a coaching staff that is nowhere near what they had before…I mean what we have now…

Scared already? :wink:

Ray & Maas = QB controversy.
Burris & Kennedy = no controversy, but competent backup.

Ray has NFL rust.
Burris doesn’t.

Calgary has an experienced coach.
Edmonton doesn’t.

Calgary still has a strong D (last year’s was the best part of the team).
Edmonton’s … we shall see.

Calgary now matches up well with Edmonton in terms of receivers - Edmonton has lost Vaughn while Calgary has gained Copeland.

I’m not saying the eskiblows are going to suck this year - but I AM saying that Calgary will not. Let’s see some credit for the Stamps here! At worst, we finish 3rd in the West. At best - 1st is not out of the question, though it is optimistic.

I’m glad Ray is back in Edmonton too. Let’s be honest about it just like you said. I could trade jabs with you, tell you how the OL is improved and very similar to the one you thought was amazing and list players and reasons to prove it. I could talk about how the defense has undergone a major facelift and should be vastly improved and list players and reasons to prove it.

I could talk about the recievers that are left and point out that if you take Vaughn out of a group of 4 all-stars that actually leaves 3 all-stars.

I could point out that the Esks have brought in 4 backs who have similar if not better credentials than Reynolds or Jenkins had when they were airlifted in last season. They just need the chance to play and with 4 guys here we have a pretty good chance of ending up with a quality RB. Maybe even as good as (gasp!) Reynolds and Jenkins who by the way have yet to complete an entire season or even half a year. My point is that neither one has proven much if anything at this point except that the potential is there.

I could go on and on debating you on the merits of why we should be a better football team than we were last year. I could do it without once having to say anything derogatory about Calgary. Have you the knowledge to back up your claims? Do you know the game well enough to put it on the line and let your opinions stand naked for all to see? Or is all you can do is regurgitate the same things that everyone else keeps posting?

Last point here. You still with me or did I lose you when my argument started to make sense? I agree with you that football is the ultimate team sport and if you were to say that the Eskimos might struggle because of the changes and time needed to gel I might agree with you. Oops I just gave you an idea to use, unfortunately you can’t call it your own. I believe a couple of “knowledgeble” Stamps fans have already posted that one. Sorry.

One more time, for the record, I also think the Stampeders will be a much improved team and should be right in the thick of things for a playoff spot in the west. If anything they might go through the same type of problems adjusting to new faces as Edmonton.


[quote=“supertoe”][quote=“stamps98”]Iall i;m saying is that it’s like everyone in edmonton thinks that they have the grey cup wrapped up. ( by the way i live in edmonton & have been a season ticket holder for the eskimos for the past 9 years. ) I listen to all the talk shows & there all talking grey cup. My point was that if people think that the only reason edmonton won in 2003 was because of ray & not because of the o-line, defence, special teams etc then these people don’t understand football. I was just stating my opinion that the esks last year as a team are were not as good or close as they were in 2003 & from what i’ve seen so far with the additions that they made that they might be ok in time but it will take time for these guys to gell but i don’t believe that they will be as strong as 2003 & that will also mean that ray might not have as good of a year. As for your 3 all star receivers i’ll give you tucker & hervey but mookie’s best years are behind him, but still a capable receiver. I guess we will have to see how everyting plays out.


At least the Eskies will have a number one QB that can hold a clip board better than any other team.

Isn’t that the truth.

The way things are going here in Eskieland, expect them to sign both Printers and Calvillo next year - then make them sit all season. Just for the hell of it!

Back on that old Canoe board (before it closed) I predicted that the Esks would miss the playoffs this year. Then they signed Ray and a couple of others that made me reconsider. But I think I will stick by my original prediction and pick them for 4th. Just to get it on the record here.

Sorry that is reserved for the Rider guys.

Ok then, 5th.

there’s no controvers, Maas is hurt and Ray is designated starter. Maas will push Ray to be better. DM says he has no problem benching Ray if Maas is better.no controversy.

Calgary has our old coach, who isnt a terrible coach, but he’s not as good as he used to be. DM also has experienced supporting cast.

Edmonton has signed great players to there D, and it will be better than Calgary’s, way better than last years team who had plenty of injuries.

Eskimos have rookie Chris Kelley in receiving core who looks fabulous, and sill a dominant receiving core.

If that first preseason game was any indication, Ray has no NFL rust. And even if he did, Ricky Ray with NFL rust is better than Burris any day.

Burris may just be the single most overrated QB in the league.

I just can’t wait for the moment when on the opposing 11 yard line, Burris runs up to the line of scrimage and then throws a horrible interception.

The kind of interception where you look at your friend, pull on your hair and scream “WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!”

…it’ll happen.


i hope calgary is good this yearas much as i love watching us blow u out during labour day i must say that i need some good last minuet games… but ya have fun with higgins, he justmakes stupid bull**** calls, but then again i’ve never like maciocia either

Plus, RR had Avery when he was good. That is a BIG difference, no running game for the Esks!

Well at least the Eskies have QB’s