Ricky ray

They’re both hard to understand.

Entrapment emails????

Truth is no one gives a rats ass about you eskswins. Sorry
to burst your bubble.

RUNnealonRUn was taking personal stabs at me in the eskimos forum because i said that Ricky Ray looked average this year. Everyone has their own opinion and you have to respect that. Even if you do still think he is the greatest qb, take a look at his qb efficiency rating of 87, seems awfully average to me. You have your opinion, and i have my own, you don't have to a call me an "idiot eskimo fan", or a "moron" because of that.

Come on Eskie fans lose one game and you are turning into rider fans here! sorry that was mean. Get along and cheer on your team which Rider fans do well!

Truth is your offensive package could fit on a notepad. Ricky Ray's
got the class not to blurt it out.

Kudos to him.

Those are chicken scratches from RD Lancaster! Translator please!

.....buck buck buccawk....

Can you get a chicken Happy Meal?

I think you can, either a chicken burger of fingers.

no qb will be optimized with rl jr at the helm. ray has managed to put together a respectable season in spite of the situation in edm. i still think he is one of the premier qbs in the league. having said that he has really been quite avg this year.

Well, I'm gonna go off wins, last year we were 9-9, this year 11-7 in a very strong west division, Ray will start, and someone said he must feel bad he left the jets, i don't think thats the case, im sure it wasnt a case of him leaving other than the jets letting him go. I think RNR is trying to say that there seems to be a lot of Eskie bandwagon jumpers right now who are giving up on Ray already, he did have a average season, but he is our man in Edmonton right now so we should stick by him! He got us into the playoffs, and he'll get us to the Grey Cup too!

GoEsksGo 05 Champs!

......AND IF HE DOSEN'T....will there be a lot of people wanting to start Maas next year.... :roll:

Last year all we heard was how much better the Esks would be if Ray had stayed. Now Ray is back and people are saying we'd be better off with Maas starting. Look, you can't have it both ways, people.

Ray is not a bum - this is his third year in the CFL (remember his other two ended with Grey Cup appearances, winning one of them), and he's only 25! Twenty five!!! How many 25-year old quarterbacks consistently get compared (and rightly so) to Calvillo and Dickenson, two of the premier qbs in the league? Ray has over 5000 passing yards and broke Flutie's record for completions in a season - and last time I checked that's a LOT better than average.

The offensive problems this year can't all be pinned on Ray's shoulders. There are 11 other guys on offense and all year we've seen receivers drop catchable balls, running backs going in the wrong direction, O-linemen getting burned by a blitzing defense, and players tipping a cachable ball into a defenders hands (with an INT stat put under Ray's name).

And you just know that if the Esks start Maas on Sunday and lose, people will be bitching that Ray should have started.

Ray is only 25?? wow I thought he was like 28-30ish. he was 22 when he first played for the Esks??? really? I find that hard to believe.

...I'm pretty sure Kevin Glenn....Ray....and Charles Roberts are all about the same age...26...seems like they are a lot older ...but.....

Ray became 26 years on October 22. The CFL gave him a bye week as a b-day present.

Hmmmm.....Holmes has a birthday tomorrow, and Edwards on Saturday.....wonder if the Als feel generous enough to grant them a belated gift on Sunday.....

Ya they are sending them a card!!!!!

…that’s too bad…I was thinking more along the lines of two Alouette kickoffs returned for TDs or something…I think that would be much nicer…

I think Ricky is just having trouble seeing the field.........his eyebrows need a trim and he ll be just fine again........