Ricky ray

ok , Ricky is one of the bets qbs in the league, and liek some stupid eskimos dans say, hes MORE THEN AVERAGE.....

and that macocia is the reason he is not looking good, the plays he calls arent built for the kind of game ricky plays, so all the dumbshits that say ricky is done, go away

in english?

It's been a long time since I've spoken gibberish, but I'll take a stab at it.....

"I love Ricky Ray. He's better than Warren Moon ever was. Macocia looks like a Weeble, but he's okay too. Thanks for playing."

.....all in good fun, RnR.....

thanks, jm02....i don't know how u understood that...lol

Does Maciocia throw the 24 Interceptions Ray had this season? Does Maciocia make Ray fumble 13 times? I don't think so, now please make a sensible post.

ok. little boy, if you understood football you know , alot of what happens in football, is what kid of gameplan you go in with, .......... thats the coach, and when you throw the ball a record amount your gonna throw a few interceptions.

p.s davin bush sucks

What the heck does Davin Bush have to do with either Ricky Ray or Macocia? LOL

He's just frustrated... Last year people said Jason Maas was a great quarterback. And this year they're saying Ricky ray isn't that good... Whats wrong with this picture?

....Ray is probably second guessing himself for leaving the Jets to come back to the CFL...... this year.both starters for the jets went down ....and it would have been a certainity he would have got his big chance to start.....poor ol Ricky....his dream is over .....and probably carrying over to his play for the Esks.....message to RAY.... give your head a shake...you're back in this league now...get over it....it's play-off time...... :lol:

Runnealonrun , you are about as clueless as a sack of hammers, stats don't show the truth of a players worth quite often, any simpleton can post stats, you need to look at the whole picture, you idiot.

you are stupid man, im emberssed having a joke like you as a eskie fan

so you call me stupid , a moron and it is ok, but i get attacked when posting in one forum only, and post back and i am gone? racism,racism.....

Racism has to do with actual races.....this would simply be discrimination.....

jm, i love how i have been getting entrapment emails from redandwhite, trying to get me booted off of here, that is very interesting....

take it up with him.....don't post it on the public forum.....

Ricky Ray SUCKS!!!! and others have already pointed out why.

That's all I'm going to say on this topic. :smiley:

clueless sack of hammers....hahahahahaha...that was a funny one....
oh man! :smiley:

I dont like EE chances going into the lion pit in Calgary. With the combination of poor play by Ray for the last month, thats exactly the reason I would throw caution in the wind and start Jason.

I didn’t know you were multi lingual…English and Gibberish.

Thanks for the translation!

Just maybe if you posted as well as RNR you would not get hassled!